• How CIOs can help make company decisions outside of the tech realm

    CIO New Patterns of Innovation
    Being part of the C-Suite doesn't always come along with a title. Even though technically the C in CIO makes the occupant of the position C-level executive, being part of the inner circle at the top of the org chart requires more. It's necessary to understand the perspectives of the other executives and be able to offer insights that leverage the specialties the CIO can bring to the table. Evan McCutchen, Chief Information Officer for TechnologyAdvice lives this reality and offers his advice for CIOs who want to contribute to their enterprise.
  • Shadow IT doesn't have to make the CIO the bad guy

    312 Week Business Vision Tim Elkins CIO Enterprisers
    Many CIOs are on the fence when it comes to Shadow ITers. Whether you feel shadow IT is lurking in the shadows or coming out of the shadows, end users have more direct ability to leverage IT resources to meet their immediate needs than they have ever had before. Ennio Carboni, President and GM for the Network & IT Management Division at Ipswitch has direct experience with the phenomenon and offers his perspective on shadow IT and how to make the best of it.
  • HBR
  • Building a culture of collaboration and transparency in IT

    Video Aqua CIO
    Curt Carver, Vice Chancellor and CIO, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia talks about DevOps, an idea whose time has finally come, "So the idea of DevOps, of bringing together our business partners, our customers, our IT professionals, and having them work together to jointly solve problems and develop systems, is something that we've worked at very, very hard within the university system of Georgia.
  • CIOs who invest in and reward innovation stay ahead of the competition

    Invest in and reward innovation
    Organizations with innovative IT are twice as likely as ad hoc innovators or low prioritizers to fund emerging technologies groups.
  • Should CIOs be rejuggling?

    Tip of the Week: CIO Does it make sense?
    Tips for CIOs from CIOs
  • At the Center of a Great Conversation

    CIO Engaging, retaining and co-creating IT
    An interview with Jackie Yeaney, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Marketing, Red Hat about the Enterprisers Project.
  • Where Public and Private Clouds Meet

    CIO Transient
    An Interview with Peter Buonora, Enterprise Architect, BJ’s Wholesale Club about how he is delivering cloud services to meet the goals of the business.
  • Build redundancy into your team as well as your technology

    CIO C_Suite
    SolarWinds CIO and CTO Joel Dolisy says CIOs are careful to create redundancies around potential failure points in their networks, but not around potential failure points on their teams.
  • 10 imperatives for CIOs

    The Mentor CIO
    The following post was inspired by a TechRepublic's "10 mistakes CIOs should not make." That's worth checking out, but I thought I'd compile a counter (and random) list of 10 things CIOs should do, based on my experience covering them for several decades.
  • IT departments are dealing with a highly complex mix of new technologies

    CIO Fashionable Technology
    Scott Koegler had a chance to review some of the findings of a recent survey of more than 300 IT professionals across North America. The survey was conducted by SolarWinds and asked the participants what they saw in terms of changes to infrastructure and changes to the IT landscape in the next few years. There are a few things that really stood out to him.


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