• 5 reasons CIOs should insist on a mobile app platform

    CIO Communication
    Innovative IT organizations view mobility as a critical business enabler for future growth and competitive differentiation. They prioritize mobile application development and address it strategically as part of their enterprise. As part of this endeavor they face multiple challenges, including how to efficiently provide apps for multiple operating systems and devices, how to enable secure data interactions with back office systems, and how to keep up with the latest business demands and technology advances. CIOs that leave application development solutions to developers alone may get stuck with fun-looking programming environments that are actually under-architected for their enterprise mobility needs.
  • DevOps is not a synonym for application development

    CIOs are at a cultural crossroads
    Lewis Carroll first coined the term portmanteau to describe "two meanings packed into one word." DevOps is a current example which has also become a popular topic in the world of IT. If you've been reading about it online however, you'd be forgiven for thinking DevOps is only about accelerating application deployment into production. For some, it seems, it's easy to forget that DevOps has a much broader meaning, and that it's about building a culture of collaboration, communication and cooperation between development and operations.
  • HBR
  • 3 things your CIO should know about marketing

    Having an influence in your enterprise means understanding the business of course, but it also means understanding the viewpoint and even the specific terms and strategies that your colleagues live by. One business unit that would seem to be logically aligned with IT is Marketing. But the tension between the CMO and CIO make collaboration difficult.
  • Are you using OpenStack?

    Video Aqua CIO
    Alan Pawlak, Executive Director of Client Services at Aetna explains how OpenStack allows his teams to use development techniques or resources that his teams can't otherwise use.
  • Hire people for who they will become

    CIO to do list
    Q&A with Keith Fitzgerald, CTO of PeopleLinx says not to focus too much on pedigree or buzzwords when hiring staff, "you'll miss out on a lot of hard working and extremely talented folks."
  • Another way to look at recruiting government IT talent

    CIO New Survey on Hiring
    Federal and state government CIOs looking to recruit young technologists often fret that they won’t be able to offer salaries competitive enough to attract new talent. Instead, government IT executives should be trying to recruit young technology workers who have different goals. The government CIO should take advantage of the benefits where the government leads.
  • CIOs: Don’t lose your cool over shadow IT

    The Changing Role of CIOs
    If you discover shadow IT in your organization, look at it as an opportunity, says Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon.
  • CIO tip of the week

    Tip of the Week: Be certain CIO
    Tips for CIOs from CIOs and IT experts
  • Working through the issues associated with transformation

    Fashionable Technology CIO
    The dual mantras of innovation and transformation roll off the tongue, but are hardly put into practice as easily. Aaron Auld, CEO of EXASOL works with enterprises that are working through the issues associated with transformation. He believes that we are at a critical time for IT transition.
  • How a startup CIO handles rapid growth

    The Changing Role of CIOs
    Evan McCutchen, CIO at TechnologyAdvice, explains some of the challenges and opportunities a startup CIO faces.


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