• The competitive business benefits of (nearly) everything as a service

    CIO Business benefits of (nearly) everything as a service
    We all need to be faster these days to succeed in our companies. In IT, that increasingly means the ability to quickly provision technology and take advantage of what the market has to offer without going through a lengthy capital expenditure, server build-out, or server provisioning exercise, which even for the best organizations can still take weeks or months.
  • IT is everywhere

    Video Beige CIO
    Cynthia Stoddard, SVP & CIO of NetApp, on blurring the lines between IT and business
  • HBR
  • Involve your whole team

    Tip of the Week: The entire team CIO
    Tips for CIOs by CIOs
  • Perspective on Shadow IT

    CIO Transient
    Delivering the right technology solution at the right time and on budget has been the overriding challenge for CIOs for nearly as long as technology has been a part of the enterprise. With the availability of seemingly cheap and easy cloud based solutions, departmental IT issues are being addressed by the departments themselves rather than through what is sometimes seen as Byzantine specification development requirements.
  • DevOps Roundtable Part 4: Surprises born out of DevOps

    DevOps Roundtable Part 4
    The Enterprisers Project assembled a group of seasoned IT leaders in an interactive exchange to discuss how they're using DevOps in their organizations. Here are highlights from the conversation.
  • The future of software economics: three key questions

    CIO Anticipating and Architecting the Future of Retail
    As the software market continues its inexorable shift to move to SaaS and cloud, new issues are emerging in the relationship between software buyers and sellers. In particular, both parties are asking deeper questions about how to optimize the exchange of money for code.
  • CIOs can help generate value through technology

    CIO The hidden benefit of keeping the teams intact
    IT Departments can become profit centers by helping customers with their technology, says kbs+ CIO, Matt Powell.
  • Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?

    The Internet of Things CIO
    The “Internet of Things” can be loosely defined as the move from isolated devices to Internet-enabled platforms that can communicate with each other and the cloud. IoT is a major worldwide trend that will impact CIOs over time; do you need to prepare for it?
  • Everyone in IT should think like a business strategist

    CIOs must move past the 'IT guy' stereotype
    It takes more than just embedding your IT teams within different departments to transition from trusted technology partners to true business consultants. You must also empower your technology teams to use IT to solve business problems.
  • Dark data and other big data surprises

    CIO Code
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA have been producers and users of big data for a long time. You could say it’s part of our DNA. Until recently our big data strategy has been focused only on science and engineering, such as how could we predict hurricanes and earthquakes or find the most interesting rocks on Mars. These are complex and difficult problems to solve, and they take time. So this past summer we decided to put our big data to work against some problems that were closer to home. And the whole initiative was even more successful than we had hoped.


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