• How do you drive business with technology?

    Video Blue No Text CIO
    Bill Mayo, Senior Director of Global Applications Management at Biogen Idec says to put aside your idea of technology right now and get in deep in how an organization really works.
  • How to understand customer challenges and opportunities

    CIO Work through industry forums
    Tips for CIOs from CIOs
  • June wrap up

    CIO Day One
    June highlights you may have missed on the Enterprisers Project.
  • Redefining failure in IT

    CIO Personal Development
    Traditionally, failure has been something to avoid and downplay in professional life. At DIRECTV, Sven Gerjets inherited an IT culture where fear of failure was sometimes stifling innovation and producing major hurdles in a few significant projects. Learn what he did to move beyond that dynamic and show people how failure has a place in business.
  • Want Innovative Employees? Give Them No Limits!

    CIO Operations
    An interview with Guido Laures, CTO at Spreadshirt, an e-commerce platform for creating and selling user-designed t-shirts and other items about how he fosters innovation at Spreadshirt.
  • Hybrid cloud: the go-to model for enterprises

    CIO Cloud
    The use of cloud based storage has grown tremendously over the last few years, and that growth has also meant a more mature set of products that enterprises are able to leverage to their advantage. OpenStack has brought increased flexibility in configuration to many environments, and the hybrid cloud is one that has become increasingly important to organizations with diverse needs.
  • CIOs should look for the 3 C's: character, collaboration and competence

    CIO Outsource IT Infrastructure
    John McGregor, CIO of Kronos Inc., looks for employees with the technical skills to fit roles at his company, but it is also thinks it's important that they work in a way that supports the overall company culture. When he hires Kronites (what they call their employees), he specifically looks for three C’s: character, collaboration, and competence. Additionally, Kronos fosters an environment where individuals are valued and they have a heavy emphasis on collaboration.
  • How do you make a good technologist into a good leader?

    Video Beige CIO
    Sven Gerjets, Senior Vice President of IT for DIRECTV, explains how mentoring is critical for developing good technologists into good leaders.
  • How to overcome the culture of “no” in your IT department

    Conference Table CIO
    These days many IT-driven organizations are working hard to overcome their “no police” reputation. Curt Carver, the Vice Chancellor and CIO for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, shares how he’s helping his IT department strike the right balance between yes and no.
  • How CIOs can make users happy

    CIO Tip of the Week: When IT takes responsibility
    Tips from CIOs for CIOs


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