• Don't let your work throw your life out of balance

    CIO Six Ways to Sink a Growth Initiative
    Tim Elkins, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Primelending says, "I insist on striking a work-life balance. If you’re an IT executive or moving toward becoming one, so should you. If you’re like me you work very hard, weekends and holidays when required, and for that reason you shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice your family for your job. That’s the balance you should always aim to strike."
  • What makes a CIO stand out?

    Tim Elkins IT Invades Business CIO
    CIOs have a variety of reporting responsibilities ranging from other C-level executives to LOB directors. But a significant number of CIOs report directly to their CEO. Point.io CEO Ron Rock is the direct supervisor of his CIO and as such has his own criteria for what makes a CIO stand out.
  • How to Expand the Sources of Innovation

    reinvention imperative
    The term "innovation" has been overused to the point it has little impact in conversation. But that doesn't mean that creating new and different products and ways of getting things done is a dead issue. In fact it's even more important now for enterprises to innovate and bring new things to the table in order to bring in new customers and retain existing ones.
  • IT executives say they wish they could wave away complexity

    Magic Wand Infrastructure Part 2
    What if you were handed a magic wand and could wave away the past? IT executives say they would wave away complexity.
  • What challenges do CIOs face when everyone is priority No. 1

    CIO You may not need big data afterall
    Jason Thomas, CIO of Green Clinic Health System discusses the challenges IT faces when everyone is priority #1.
  • How do you make the Chief Marketing Officer happy?

    Tip of the Week: CIO the ability to do things
    Tips from CIOs for CIOs
  • Collaboration and diversity of thought are key elements of innovation

    Tom Soderstrom IT Innovating Together CIO
    Alan Pawlak Executive Director of Client Services of Aetna says, "Just the fact that we have a chief innovation officer obviously is an investment. There is an office and organization created around driving innovation, knowing the needs of the business. Those people are rewarded for those ideas directly. And it's at every level of the company. It's not just the hierarchy top down, anyone can participate."
  • Companies At War

    CIO Outsource IT Infrastructure
    Companies are constantly at war with each other, trying to get the edge up on their competition. For some companies, it's the only way to stay alive. For others it's a matter of pride. The CIO is in the unique position to provide the weapons needed to win the war.
  • Forget work-life balance. Think work-life integration

    Triple Aim CIO Interview with Igor
    "I read an article recently about work-life integration, and they referenced it in a negative light. I see all this stuff that constantly talks about how we’re always attached to our BlackBerrys or iPhones and how that’s a bad thing. I won’t disagree that there are negatives, but I look at it from a positive side. I think that work-life integration—to use that buzzword—provides an opportunity to still be productive, to still serve as a CIO, to still be a part of the executive team, but without sacrificing your family and your other commitments." Paul Brady, VP and CIO Information Technology, Arbella Insurance Group
  • How do CIOs verify security of external systems?

    Shadow IT CIO
    A CIO is responsible for the security of external and contracted systems. Even when the enterprise has a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), blame for any security breaches is bound to eventually find its way to the CIO.


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