Red Hat CIO: Five lessons for taking your enterprise to the cloud

Red Hat CIO: Five lessons for taking your enterprise to the cloud

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"Hybrid cloud solutions are the future of IT. The transition is inevitable," says Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon. "Flexibility, agility, economic cost, the growth of mobile platforms, and other factors are driving most enterprises to the cloud.

If you continue to manage your own infrastructure without cloud technologies, especially if you’re in a cost-restrained environment, you are likely putting your enterprise at a disadvantage."

While the transition to the cloud can overwhelming, it's also really exciting, Congdon says. In this article, Congdon shares the lessons he's learned from moving Red Hat to an open hybrid cloud as a platform for the company's IT services.

"By stepping up to lead your organization’s journey to the cloud, you’ll be demonstrating the art of the possible. And that’s an incredible feeling," he says.

Access the PDF below to learn five lessons Congdon says will help you get started on your journey to the cloud.

Five lessons for taking your enterprise to the cloud

By Lee Congdon
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