HBR article: The transformative business model

HBR article: The transformative business model

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March 08, 2017
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New technology alone can’t transform an industry. What it really takes is a business model that successfully links a new technology to an emerging market need. Those are the findings of new research by Stelios Kavadias, Kostas Ladas, and Christoph Loch, published in this Harvard Business Review article. 

The group analyzed 40 news business models that seemed to have the potential to make waves in their industries. Some of the models were successful, others were not. What the researchers learned is that the business models that were transformative appeared to display three to six of the same key features. 

In this HBR article, you will learn the features that transformative business models tend to include and how to identify if your organization has a model that will transform your industry. Access the article below to learn more. 

The transformative business model
By Stelios Kavadias, Kostas Ladas, Christoph Loch

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