IT recruiting: 8 creative strategies that work

IT recruiting: 8 creative strategies that work

You can't offer $10,000 signing bonuses? You're not alone. Try these approaches to lure IT talent

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6. Reconsider location

Aflac opened an office in Atlanta to more effectively recruit IT talent in the South’s growing tech talent hub. “This decision recognized the need to update traditional HR approaches to appeal to talented people who want to be IT architects and who can get jobs in any major city,” Davis says. “It’s critical for IT talent hunters to explore options, whether it’s opening a small satellite office or being more flexible with remote working policies.”

7. Run the marathon – and the sprint

Patience is a virtue when hunting for in-demand skills. CEO and founder of cloud migration company TSO Logic Aaron Rallo is looking for experienced software engineers with an understanding of cloud technology – and they are often quickly snapped up by the big providers.  “We don’t hire below our bar, so it may take time to find the right candidate,” Rallo says. “However, it's okay to sometimes adjust the internal expectations and look at aptitude and ability to learn, especially in an emerging segment.”

When an attractive recruit is located, however, it’s time to kick things into high gear. “We’ve learned that if a high-quality candidate is talking to you, they are talking to others as well, which means we must also sell the company and negotiate quickly,” Rallo says.

8. Streamline the hiring process 

Taking advantage of emerging recruiting technologies can expedite the hiring process, improve outcomes, and (as a side benefit) save costs. “That is not to say that the in-person interview is dead. However, the luxury of multiple rounds of interviews over many weeks can be time-consuming,” says Wendy Schwartz, CEO of Search Pro Direct. “Utilizing products like [cloud-based video interviewing] solutions can weed out the candidates who are not good fits. “I actually had a senior candidate who interviewed quite well using FaceTime and was given a verbal offer by the following morning.”

Jennifer Orozco, a recruiting manager with managed IT solutions company Braden Business Systems, is often looking for a specific combination of technical and interpersonal skills. "Completing that type of screening process can be very time-consuming, with little return in the initial stage," says Orozco, who has begun using Canvas, a text-based interviewing platform for early screening.

“Candidates are receiving offers in record time – sometimes on the phone. Interviews should be very concise and agile,” says Paycor’s Toelke. “If you’re asking a candidate to come onsite more than once, you run a high risk of losing out to another organization. Managers must make offers quickly after recognizing talent because top candidates will not wait.”

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