Where containers, cloud, blockchain, and AI are headed in 2019

Where containers, cloud, blockchain, and AI are headed in 2019

Let’s look at each of these four key trends – and where they converge

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January 07, 2019
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3. Blockchain

 “In 2019, blockchain technology will continue advancing innovative applications across all industries to distribute and secure transactions of almost any kind,” says Red Hat chief technologist Ian Hood. “Increasing amounts of our business and personal lives will be transacted electronically over public networks and clouds. We all want to be comfortable that our personal data (financial, health, and legal) records are kept safe and to ensure that any of these transactions may not be modified in flight. With that in mind, we have seen that no application trusts any network. Determined attackers can compromise any perimeter. End-end encryption mechanisms will evolve to secure delivery across networks with blockchain technology as a key element across multiple industries.”

Authority is distributed, as is the data, which mandates collaboration to combat the intentions of potential adversaries.

I submit that this is another classic instance where technology convergence is driving purposeful collaboration. Blockchain requires multiple parties to come together to secure the settlement of transactions with a distributed ledger. Authority is distributed, as is the data, which mandates collaboration to combat the intentions of potential adversaries.

In a blockchain panel I moderated at Blockland Cleveland, I asked the panelists to predict where they see blockchain in one year. Collaboration stood out in their predictions where they saw competing banks syndicating transactions rapidly and working with the governmental agencies to issue auto titles faster. In one of the keynotes, there was even a suggestion that competing retailers can collaborate to secure supply chain transactions.

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4. AI

What about AI? There are multiple reasons why I have not brought up artificial intelligence as a technology that drives collaboration. AI will continue to get even more attention in 2019. However, the focus will continue to be in using AI to take advantage of machine learning techniques that aspire to mimic the contextual cognitive capabilities of humans. AI needs to become mainstream across enterprises before purposeful collaboration can be realized. One also needs to be respectful of unconscious bias that can be a deterrent too.

All that being said, the fundamental art of collaboration still needs to come from humans –humans like these Red Hat chiefs who came together to share their thoughts. Humans like you and me. What say you? What other patterns do you see that could foster purposeful collaboration?

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