10 design thinking leaders to follow on Twitter

10 design thinking leaders to follow on Twitter

Want to learn more about design thinking? Follow these people for perspective and emerging lessons

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February 07, 2019

Sara Armbruster aka @saraarmbruster

Bio: VP of Strategy, Research and New Business Innovation at @Steelcase. Interested in disruptive business models, organizational innovation and the future of work.

Why to follow: Armbruster applies the design thinking approach to how we operate in our physical workspaces. The vice president of strategy, research and new business innovation for Steelcase, the world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture and specialists in commercial architecture and design, she is helping organizations consider the work process, space, and cultural aspects of digital transformation. Follow her to check out some of the innovative products and services that have resulted as well as a survey of user-centered design and development in the work-life space.

UX Collective aka uxdesigncc

Bio: Curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design. By @fabriciot and @caioab.

Why to follow: You get two design thinkers for the price of one with this very active Twitter account curated by user experience designer Fabricio Teixeira and product designer Caio Braga. Recent gems include articles on designing your day-to-day experience, how product designers can help mom-and-pop retailers survive Amazon, the three rules of effective touch design, and the best UX and design conferences for 2019.

Stanford d.school aka stanforddschool

Bio: Everyone has the capacity to be creative. At the http://d.school, people use design to develop their creative potential and apply it to the world.

Why to follow: Stanford is arguably the birthplace of modern design thinking. Its design school is a innovation finishing school of sorts for business leaders who want to tap into their creative side, studying design thinking, empathy, and iterative prototyping. The d.school feed provides frequent updates on classes and events and showcases some of the products, processes, and experiences its alumni have gone on to develop. (Faculty member @tseelig , author of Creativity Rules, is also worth a follow.)

Dean of Big Data aka schmarzo

Bio: Love teaching! Author, Hitachi Vantara CTO, @USFSOM Executive Fellow #BigData + #DataScience + #DesignThinking + #DigitalEconomics drives #DigitalTransformation

Why to follow: Bill Schmarzo, CTO of the IoT and Analytics for Hitachi Vantara, calls himself the “dean of big data”, but he’s also a vocal proponent of design thinking principles. His twitter feed sits at the convergence of data science, digital transformation, and design.

Steve Faktor aka ideafaktory

Bio: CEO IdeaFaktory #Innovationhttp://itunes.TheMcFuture.com  podcast; Econovation, Forbes, HarvardBiz, LinkedIn Influencer; ex-Amex, Citi, MasterCard

Why to follow: Former head of the American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund and senior strategy and innovation executive Citi, MasterCard and Andersen, Steve Faktor is all about what’s next. The founder of consultancy and incubator IdeaFaktory, which helps companies identify, develop, and commercialize new products, services, and businesses, he is a frequent tweeter on all things innovation.


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