5 must-read Harvard Business Review articles in July

5 must-read Harvard Business Review articles in July

Check out these five thought-provoking HBR articles, curated especially for CIOs and IT leaders

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July 01, 2019
Harvard Business Review Top 5 articles for October 2015

Each month, through our partnership with Harvard Business Review, we refresh our business library for CIOs with five new HBR articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. These curated pieces are available now through the end of July.

How to become an inclusive leader

According to researchers Juliet Bourke and Andrea Espedido, teams with inclusive leaders are higher performing, make better decisions, collaborate more effectively, and even show up to work more often. Fortunately for all leaders, inclusiveness comprises six specific traits – all of which can be improved upon. In this article, Bourke and Espedido delve into the most important behaviors for leaders to hone, as well as a few behaviors to avoid at all costs. “It takes energy and deliberate effort to create an inclusive culture, and that starts with leaders paying much more attention to what they say and do on a daily basis and making adjustments as necessary,” the authors write. Download this article for four ways to get started. 

Download “Why inclusive leaders are good for organizations, and how to become one

4 things to do before a tough conversation

When going into a difficult conversation, it’s natural to stress about how it will go. We fixate on what we should say, how the other person might respond, and where we’ll be left emotionally once the conversation is over. Instead, we should be more concerned about what happens before we even enter the room. According to researcher Joseph Grenny, author of the bestseller “Crucial Conversations,“Our research shows the primary predictor of your success in a crucial conversation has less to do with how you use your mouth, and much more to do with what you do before you open it.” Grenny details four of the best ways to prepare – from getting your motives and emotions right, to how to be open minded while staying firmly rooted in the facts. 

Download “4 things to do before a tough conversation

How to read the room before a meeting or presentation

What do you do before a big presentation? Get some water, go over your notes, check the slides one last time, etc. – right? As important as these last-minute preparations are, experts suggest you should also tune into what’s happening in the audience – their sidebar conversations, facial expressions, posture, and body language can speak volumes about whether your big meeting or presentation will sink or swim. In this article, Rebecca Knight highlights five ways speakers can more accurately read the room and set themselves up for a successful talk or event. Download this article for tangible do’s, don’ts, and case studies that demonstrates Knight’s practical tips in action. 

Download “Tips for reading the room before a meeting or presentation

Why too much team harmony can kill creativity

A harmonious team is a happy team, but not necessarily the most productive or innovative one. “Being happy with the status quo is a sure way to escape creativity,” writes Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in this HBR article. “Any significant innovation in the history of civilization was the product of dissatisfied minds: people who were unhappy with the current order of things and sought to disrupt the existing harmony.” While it may seem uncomfortable or counter-intuitive, leaders must push against harmony and create a little more tension and conflict if they want to push boundaries and remain competitive. He provides three ways to stir the pot while ensuring teams are in the right frame of mind to use conflict to their team’s ultimate advantage. 

Download “Too much team harmony can kill creativity

How big companies should scout new technologies

Companies today should have a constant eye and ear toward emerging technologies that could impact their business. But scouting is just step one: It’s what you do with the information you gather that makes the difference. “Most companies spend more time and money scouting trends and emerging technologies than they do sharing the results of that scouting work with others in their organization, or creating ways to run pilot tests related to what they see,” writes Scott Kirsner in this HBR article. “Solving those two problems is a big opportunity to create competitive advantage – or perhaps just survive as an organization that is relevant to your customers in the 21st century.” In this article, Kirsner shares results of a study that looked at how big companies translate scouting into real business value. 

Download “How big companies should scout new technologies

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