Rate your digital maturity against 7 eye-opening stats

Rate your digital maturity against 7 eye-opening stats

What kind of time, money, teams, and talent do you need to succeed with digital transformation? New Deloitte research shares tactics from organizations far down the road to digital maturity

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June 12, 2019
CIO Data Quants

5. 86 percent of respondents from digitally maturing companies say that 10 percent or more of their time involves the opportunity to experiment or innovate.

In contrast, more than 40 percent of early-stage respondents report that less than 10 percent of their time, or no time at all, involves experimenting or innovating.

6. 73 percent of respondents in digitally mature companies said their leadership cultivates an environment in which cross-functional teams can succeed.

That compares to around half (48 percent) of those at the mid-level state of maturity and 29 percent of early-stage companies. The more digitally mature companies were more likely to afford their cross-functional teams with autonomy in achieving goals and evaluate their performance as units. Effective cross-functional teams can deliver many benefits – the top one cited by survey respondents being enhanced access to resources, such as diverse perspectives, broader skill sets, and new ideas.

7. Three-quarters of respondents who say innovation is a strength of their organization believe their organizations will be in a stronger or much stronger position due to digital trends in 10 to 20 years.

Just over a third (34 percent) of those who say innovation is not a strength believe their organization will be in a better position, and 10 percent of them went so far as to say their organization won’t even exist in 10 to 20 years. “We’ve observed in our interviews with executives and survey analysis, a company’s ability to innovate ties to employee confidence in the organization’s future,” says Palmer.

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