The new model for managing enterprise risk management

CIO Security
CIOs are faced with pressures to implement, change, and maintain secure and operational environments — 3 opposing forces. Stephen Gant, general manager of Modulo thinks that CIOs are in the right spot to lead enterprises in protecting their information.

CIOs are finally getting some respect

CIO The hidden benefit of keeping the teams intact
Amid all of the pressure on CIOs to innovate while keeping the lights on and fostering better communications and aligning with the business comes some good news: CIO tenure is on the rise. Esther Shein interviews Peter High, president of Metis Strategy, a Washington, D.C.-based boutique strategy and management consulting firm.

Here’s why it can take four years to make your IT department work better for the business

Enterprising CIO Repost Why Your Project Teams Should Be RACIer
It’s difficult to change any large organization, particularly an IT organization, where often the reason you got into trouble was because of legacy systems and technology debt. It may require changing some people, changing incentives, and it certainly will involve changing processes.

Breaking the cycle of CIO turnover

Tim Elkins IT Invades Business CIO
Finding and keeping talented CIOs is a challenge for many CEOs and boards, but factors like a lack of succession planning, unpopular reporting lines and a lack of C-level acceptance for major IT project can make it difficult for the CIO to succeed, leading to a job life cycle shorter than those of other senior executives. The Strategy& study uncovered some actions CIOs should consider to improve their odds at success and lengthen their tenures within the organization.

Should CIOs be rejuggling?

Tip of the Week: CIO Does it make sense?
Tips for CIOs from CIOs

Positioning an IT Department for Success

Triple Aim CIO Interview with Igor
As the head of IT you have the good fortune of positioning people for success. That means making the right decisions that allow them to continue to be successful and, of course, employed. At the same time, you know that if you make bad decisions or bad choices, the risk is that you could impact someone’s career — and someone’s livelihood.

Encourage your staff to co-create

Tip of the Week: Rather than communicating top-down CIO
Tips for CIOs by CIOs

CIOs must move past the 'IT guy' stereotype

CIOs must move past the 'IT guy' stereotype
An Interview with Pharmavite’s CIO, Brian Beams, about earning the right to get past the IT guy stereotype

Is it Time for IT to Invade the Business?

Tim Elkins IT Invades Business CIO
Efficiency Happens when your IT experts work where your Line of Business people do

Feedback is a Gift

Feedback is a Gift CIO
All too often, the IT teams think if you don’t hear from your users, you must be doing something right. But in the Age of the Enterpriser, user input is a necessary ingredient for success.


What companies with innovative IT do differently


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