The CDO: It's a role, not a title

CIO Big Data and the Management Revolution
Chet Kappor states that, "immediacy is becoming an expectation in the world of digital business, especially as user interaction data becomes just as important as transactional data." In this article, he explains that whomever is playing the role of the CDO must understand how the enterprise can create digital leadershio across lines of business.

Chief Security Officers Are Gaining C-Suite Acceptance

Shadow IT CIO
Andrew Wild, CSO of Qualys, answers a few questions about how Chief Security Officers can improve their acceptance into the C-suite.

What is a CIO?

The Changing Role of CIOs
How are CIOs redefining the Chief Information Officer role and should it be reflected in a new name.

CIOs can help generate value through technology

CIO The hidden benefit of keeping the teams intact
IT Departments can become profit centers by helping customers with their technology, says kbs+ CIO, Matt Powell.

The Role of the CIO Transcends Technology and Embraces Business

CIO Choosing Doors
"The single trend that CIOs will have to deal with is the explosion of information that the Internet of Things and Big Data will deliver to us. This information, when correctly leveraged, will provide critical competitive advantage but many CIOs are still coming to grips with the correct resources required to drive value.

Forward Thinking CIOs Can Spark the Imagination of Sales

The Role of Technology of Sales CIO
The role of acquiring and retaining customers is no longer the sole responsibility of sales

Chief Lateral Thinking Officer

Chief Lateral Thinking Officer CIO
Considering that you’re tasked with solving so many diverse issues across the enterprise, The Enterprisers Project wanted to blue-sky some new, more appropriate for CIO.

CIOs Are C-Level Execs, But Are They?

CIOs Are C-Level Execs, But Are They?
What’s standing in the way of CIO’s true membership in the C-Suite? Is perception that CIOs are technical—rather than strategic—leaders, standing in the way of CIOs’ bonafide membership in the C-level suite?

5C’s that redefine the role of CIO

5C’s that redefine the role of CIO
A central theme we’ve been exploring as part of The Enterprisers Project is around the role of the CIO, and how it seems to be evolving beyond what was traditionally encompassed by the word “Information.”

“R” is the new “I”: Meet the Chief Relationship Officer

At the recent CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony in Colorado Springs, we spent a good deal of time discussing the role of the CIO in enterprise organizations. Nearly everyone we spoke to agreed the requirements for CIOs are expanding, transforming and encompassing much more than simply Information Technology.

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