The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

The Enterprisers Editorial Board is composed of CIOs, senior business executives and IT thought leaders from wide-ranging areas of expertise. Along with community input, their advice and insight is helping to inform and guide the editorial content developed for The Enterprisers Project.

Vice President and Chief Information Officer | Matson Navigation

Peter Weis has over 15 years of global CIO experience, and is currently VP and CIO of Matson Navigation, a $2B, publicly traded, global transportation and logistics company (NYSE: MATX).

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Chief Technology Officer | News Corp

Marc Frons was named Chief Technology Officer of News Corp in May 2017.

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Chief Information and Technology Officer | ExamWorks, Inc.

Jay Ferro is the Chief Information and Technology Officer for ExamWorks, Inc.

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Chief Information Officer | Platform Specialty Products Corp.

Stuart Kippelman is the Chief Information Officer at Platform Specialty Products Corp. Previously, Stuart served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Covanta, a world leader in waste-to-energy and renewable energy projects.

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Vice President and Industrial Solutions Chief Information Officer | TE Connectivity

Eamon O'Kelly is an energetic leader with a proven history in building and leading high performance, multinational teams in engineering, consulting and IT.

CIO and Managing Director of Vanguard's Information Technology Division | Vanguard

John T. Marcante is Vanguard’s chief information officer and managing director of Vanguard’s Information Technology Division. Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment management companies. As of October 31, 2015, Vanguard managed more than $3.4 trillion in global assets.

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President and Chief Product Officer |

Sven Gerjets is the President and Chief Product Officer at Colorado-based software company

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Partner and Chief Information Officer | PricewaterhouseCoopers

Philip Garland is a Partner at PwC and serves as Chief Information Officer for the US firm. In this capacity, Mr.

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