How to create a purpose-driven organization

How to create a purpose-driven organization

Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor

Professors Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor studied hundred of organizations and found that: “When an authentic purpose permeates business strategy and decision making, the personal good and the collective good become one. Positive peer pressure kicks in, and employees are reenergized. Collaboration increases, learning accelerates, and performance climbs.” Striving to be a purpose-driven company seems like a no-brainer based on Quinn and Thakor’s assessment, yet many executives intentionally avoid working on their firm’s purpose, they say. In this Harvard Business Review article, Quinn and Thakor offer up an eight-step framework for managers to embrace a purpose that the entire organization can get on board with. It’s more than just a lofty idea, they say. “People who find meaning in their work don’t hoard their energy and dedication. They give them freely, defying conventional economic assumptions about self-interest. They grow rather than stagnate. They do more – and they do it better.” 

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