IT as the new strategic revenue driver
By The Enterprisers Project

Increasingly, IT leaders are being seen as revenue generators for their organizations. It’s by no means a new mandate, but it’s one that’s gaining steam as IT’s role takes on even more prominence in organizations. In this roundtable discussion, three leading IT executives share why they believe IT needs to shed the cost center mentality and become top-line producers. 

Embracing agile
By Darrell K. Rigby, Jeff Sutherland, Hirotaka Takeuch

“By taking people out of their functional silos and putting them in self-managed and customer-focused multidisciplinary teams, the agile approach is not only accelerating profitable growth but also helping to create a new generation of skilled general managers,” write the authors of this Harvard Business Review article. The challenge is that most executives haven’t been trained on agile methodologies, resulting in management that runs “counter to agile principles and practices, undermining the effectiveness of agile teams in units that report to them.” In this HBR article, the authors share “six crucial practices that leaders should adopt if they want to capitalize on agile’s potential.”

Beating burnout
By Monique Valcour

“Heavy workloads and deadline pressures are a fact of managerial life. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed or stretched thin sometimes? But when relentless work stress pushes you into the debilitating state we call burnout, it is a serious problem,” writes the author of this Harvard Business Review article. Drawing on her 15 years of experience as a coach, researcher, and educator the author offers ways readers can beat burnout, saying it starts with “noticing and acknowledging the symptoms, examining the underlying causes, and developing preventive strategies to counteract your particular pattern of burnout.” Learn the process in this article, including how to prevent burnout on your team. 

The transformative business model
By Stelios Kavadias, Kostas Ladas, Christoph Loch

“No new technology can transform an industry unless a business model can link it to an emerging market need. How can you tell whether a model will succeed in doing that?” That’s the question posed by the authors of this Harvard Business Review article. To find out, the authors studied 40 companies that launched new business models in a variety of industries. Some of the models were successful, others were not. In this HBR article, you will learn the features that transformative business models tend to include and how to identify if your organization has a model that will transform your industry. 

How to tackle your toughest decisions
By Joseph L. Badaracco

“Judgment is hard to define. It is a fusion of your thinking, feelings, experience, imagination, and character. But five practical questions can improve your odds of making sound judgments, even when the data is incomplete or unclear, opinions are divided, and the answers are far from obvious,” writes this author of this Harvard Business Review article. “With gray-area decisions, you can never be certain you’ve made the right call. But if you follow this process, you’ll know that you worked on the problem in the right way — not just as a good manager but as a thoughtful human being.”

New patterns of innovation
By Rashik Parmar, Ian Mackenzie, David Cohn, and David Gann

When businesses attempt to tackle innovation, they tend to turn to one of three traditional, tested ways of finding ideas. They will look for new ideas by further exploring their competencies, customers, and changes in their business environment. While these can work, the authors of this Harvard Business Review article propose a fourth approach that lets IT take center stage: Data. In this HBR articles article, the authors outline how IT can lead the search for new business value by following five patterns.

Competing for IT's most elusive resource: Talent
By The Enterprisers Project

Talent shortages in IT are nothing new. In fact, CIO Magazine devoted a special issue to the topic in the early 1990s. Even with recent technology slowdowns and whole layers of the IT stack being abstracted at a dizzying pace, the unemployment rate for most IT jobs remains close to zero. Skilled technologists are being recruited in the same way sports prodigies are, often after their first year of college. To look for solutions in this talent-constrained environment, The Enterprisers Project gathered four top IT executives from the Greater Atlanta area for dinner and an evening of conversation. Download the roundtable for the conversation highlights. 

Surviving the IT talent crisis
By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Surviving the IT talent crisis has become a critical component in a company's ability to compete and succeed in the digital economy. CIOs must collaborate with HR leaders to overhaul legacy approaches to finding, attracting, and retaining IT talent that is capable of keeping up with the demands of digital transformation, according to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Learn practical, actionable advice from CIOs and business leaders who are defining the new best practices for IT talent management. Download the full report: “IT Talent Crisis: Proven Advice from CIOs and HR Leaders.”

Software: The true competitive differentiator
By The Enterprisers Project

Almost every company uses software these days, but what can we learn from companies using it to their best business advantage? In this Enterprisers Project virtual roundtable, we gathered five IT leaders from a range of industries to discuss new frontiers of software advantage, including how to build a software-centric culture, open new markets with software, and how to use open source as a development accelerator. Download the conversation to find out how these leading IT executives are evolving their organizations to be more software-centric.

The Internet of Things: Moving from vision to execution
By The Enterprisers Project

With Internet of Things expected to be a $1.7 trillion market in 2020, an “Internet of Everything” future seems inevitable, and it's creating both exciting opportunities and unknown security risks for enterprise IT. The Enterprisers Project asked a group of IT leaders to share their thoughts on moving from vision to execution while minimizing challenges along the way. Learn how leading organizations are identifying the right IoT opportunities while minimizing their security risks.


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