Revenue-generating CIOs: Smart strategies to grow the business
By Harvard Review Analytic Services

CEOs increasingly want their IT teams to generate revenue for their organizations. In new research, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services interviewed 15 prominent CIOs who are using IT to drive revenue. In this report, you'll learn their strategies for turning IT into a revenue generator, including four essential skill sets. 

Download the full report: "Revenue-Generating CIOs: Smart Strategies to Grow the Business"

What companies on the right side of digital innovation have in common
By Robert Bock, Marco Iansiti, and Karim R. Lakhani

Companies that are having success with their efforts to digitally transform invest not only in technology but also in developing the data-centric and network-centric capabilities and mindset to put that technology to the best use, write the authors of this Harvard Business Review article. They outline the four pillars of digital operations, and note how digital leaders are successfully building out capabilities around these pillars. Download this article to learn the four pillars, and to get a sense of how your company stacks up. 

How to get ecosystem buy-in
By Martin Ihrig and Ian C. MacMillan

“In a number of industries today, even simple product or service innovations can become complicated,” write the authors of this Harvard Business Review article. The problem comes into play in sectors that are populated “by many powerful and highly interconnected stakeholders.” It happens because: “Traditionally, executives have focused on the needs of just one stakeholder. As a result, their innovation success rate is lower than it should be.” In this HBR article, you’ll learn a six-step process that can help companies determine which innovations will create tensions among stakeholders and which have the greatest chances of success. 

The C-suite and IT need to get on the same page on cybersecurity
By Colin McKinty

“Gaps between the strategic visions of the C-suite and the real-world experiences of IT specialists should not be a surprise. They may think differently about the nature of cyber risk and of the way threats translate into business and technological risks,” writes the author of this Harvard Business Review article. “This is largely due to their priorities — C-suite executives have responsibility for mitigating business risk, while IT delivers the technological support that drives the business.” If you want to ensure cybersecurity is being taken seriously you must reduce the disconnect. This HBR article includes tips for taking a proactive approach. 

Design thinking comes of age
By Jon Kolko

There’s a shift underway in large organizations, one that puts design much closer to the center of the enterprise. But the shift isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about applying the principles of design to the way people work. This new approach is in large part a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business. In this article, Jon Kolko, founder and director of Austin Center for Design, explains how a set of principles collectively known as design thinking — empathy with users, a discipline of prototyping, and tolerance for failure chief among them — can be the best tool for developing a responsive, flexible organizational culture. 

Learn to love networking
By Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino and Maryam Kouchaki

Many studies have shown that the more you network, the more successful you will be at your job. But many people view networking as fake or even dirty. This Harvard Business Review concludes: "Even people who find it repugnant can learn to do it effectively." The authors of this article have identified four practical and attractive strategies to help people change their mindset.

The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change
By The Open Organization

The pace of business is accelerating, and organizations are demanding more from their information technology teams. They need IT departments that act as hubs of innovation, not just cost centers.

In The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change, more than 20 contributors from open source communities, companies, and projects offer hard-won lessons and practical advice for creating a more open IT department—one that can deliver better, faster results and unparalleled business value. We invite you to download the guide now.

IT as the new strategic revenue driver
By The Enterprisers Project

Increasingly, IT leaders are being seen as revenue generators for their organizations. It’s by no means a new mandate, but it’s one that’s gaining steam as IT’s role takes on even more prominence in organizations. In this roundtable discussion, three leading IT executives share why they believe IT needs to shed the cost center mentality and become top-line producers. 

Competing for IT's most elusive resource: Talent
By The Enterprisers Project

Talent shortages in IT are nothing new. In fact, CIO Magazine devoted a special issue to the topic in the early 1990s. Even with recent technology slowdowns and whole layers of the IT stack being abstracted at a dizzying pace, the unemployment rate for most IT jobs remains close to zero. Skilled technologists are being recruited in the same way sports prodigies are, often after their first year of college. To look for solutions in this talent-constrained environment, The Enterprisers Project gathered four top IT executives from the Greater Atlanta area for dinner and an evening of conversation. Download the roundtable for the conversation highlights. 

Surviving the IT talent crisis
By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Surviving the IT talent crisis has become a critical component in a company's ability to compete and succeed in the digital economy. CIOs must collaborate with HR leaders to overhaul legacy approaches to finding, attracting, and retaining IT talent that is capable of keeping up with the demands of digital transformation, according to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Learn practical, actionable advice from CIOs and business leaders who are defining the new best practices for IT talent management. Download the full report: “IT Talent Crisis: Proven Advice from CIOs and HR Leaders.”


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