Put employees at the center of your post-pandemic digital strategy

Employees who had to shift to urgent new priorities and maintain a “fire-fighting” pace of work to deal with the challenges of remote work are now at risk of burnout. Rather than continuing down the same path, it might be time to pause, reflect, and rethink digital transformation strategy to ensure your people still feel connected to the big picture vision. In this article, transformation expert and coach Behnam Tabrizi, creator of the Brightline Transformation Framework, discusses how leaders can use this approach to level set their post-pandemic strategy. “This approach aligns the ‘inside-out’ – which means aligning every employee’s most important personal aspiration with the ‘outside-in,’ where employees understand and embrace the company’s strategic vision, so that everyone is working toward the same objectives,” he writes. Download this article for insight into how – and why – organizations should embrace this approach now. 


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