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How to approach an IT migration: 6 tips

As the pandemic puts a focus on IT agility, organizations need to critically examine legacy applications and systems. Consider...

This old COBOL app: Should you modernize it?

COBOL application modernization
COBOL recently made news as aging unemployment systems gave out. Experts share four questions IT leaders should ask when...

How to explain technical debt in plain English

Tech Debt explained
What exactly is technical debt? When discussing your organization's technical debt - and possible changes to it - with...

How to reevaluate your tech stack: 3 steps

IT metrics
The current shift to remote work gives IT leaders a chance to identify the mission-critical apps and tools that...

Why master data management is key to digital transformation

CIO Data Quants
Digital transformation requires that all of your systems communicate. How can they possibly communicate if they can’t speak the...

3 reasons to take your foot off the software release brake

CIO To Do List When to Try New Technology
When organizations prioritize software release speed, velocity and quality increase. When quality increases, so does safety

How to reduce technical debt: 5 tips

What is technical debt costing your organization? Let’s examine strategies for measuring – and reducing - your reliance on...

State of enterprise open source: 5 telling stats

CIO Data Quants
How are IT leaders using open source, and what are their future plans? New data shows modernization and digital...

How to explain serverless in plain English

CIO Engaging, retaining and co-creating IT
Serverless confuses people: We are talking about less management of servers, not fewer servers. Here's how to explain this...

4 misconceptions about APIs

CIO Delivering apps faster byod
APIs have evolved steadily and soothed development complexity, but some common misunderstandings remain



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