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When AI meets customer service: 5 questions to ask

Open source tools
Don’t frustrate customers who want to talk to a human. Ask these questions to find the right balance of...

How to prepare IT people to be in front of customers: 5 strategies

CIO Pieces of the Puzzle
Are you coaching your team members to shine in customer meetings? Try these proven approaches

4 sterling examples of technology leaders creating customer loyalty

CIO To Do List Think Like A Vendor Because You are One
IT has become a front-line discussion. Long gone are the days of being a black-box corporation, in part, ironically,...

Humana CIO shares 3 essential skills for building a customer-focused IT team

IT talent future
Today, more than ever before, information technology is about consumers. Technology governs how customers interact with the company, therefore...

The dual role of today's strategic CIO

CIO IT Investments 2
Should a CEO focus his or her CIO on using IT to build products that generate revenue, or on helping the organization to cut the cost of doing business using technology? The answer is yes.

To better understand customers, learn how to get close and listen

Digital Acumen gears
IT exists to serve customers, in whatever shape or form those customers may take. As such, IT groups need...

PrimeLending CIO describes how customer experience strategy is shaping IT priorities

laptop tablet mobile phone
As our company pursues a strategy to allow customers to purchase a mortgage on their mobile device (or to do as much of that work as possible there), we continue to redesign our borrower experience.

CIOs: You don’t get a second chance to a make a digital first impression

CIO_Big Data Decisions_3
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product allows...

CIOs need to start driving positive and profitable customer experiences now

CIO IT Investments 2
IT has a significant role to play in improving customer experiences, beginning with the right data management and integration...

What it's really like for a CIO to move from a huge company to a small one

Moving faster code to deployment
Ever wonder what it would be like to move to an IT leadership role at a small company? Steve...



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