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Digital transformation: 5 lessons on finding the right business model

CIO digital transformation
What does the ideal digital business model look like for your organization? MIT researchers Stephanie Woerner and Peter Weill...

Digital transformation: 5 tips to take it to the next level

digital transformation stall
How can you conquer the obstacles that pop up as you execute on digital transformation goals? Speakers from the...

How to set up for digital transformation success: MIT's George Westerman

CIO as Digital Leader
Too many organizations are still crawling while their competitors fly, Westerman says. Get new transformation lessons learned

Creating digital roadmaps: CIOs play a key role

As organizations grapple with digital transformation, CIOs can provide unique help shaping and executing on digital plans

6 tips: Ease the pain on cross-functional teams

IT hiring strategy
Are your cross-functional teams less functional than you think? Consider these six tips to smooth friction and improve results

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium preview: Gap between digital leaders, laggards widens

presentation mistakes
Are you in the thick of the digital transformation race? Upcoming conference will share lessons from leaders on digital...

Digital transformation: 4 growing trends in 2018

CIO as Digital Leader
CIOs are moving from customer focus to customer obsession - and using DevOps, AI, and automation to get there

Transformational leadership: 4 ways to inspire employees

CIO as Digital Leader
Want to be a transformational leader? You need to push employees beyond their comfort zone

Dear CIOs: Stop beating yourselves up for being behind on transformation

Let’s break down three misconceptions about digital transformation for CIOs racing to make progress

How Sonic Automotive CIO led transformation focused on customer experience

CIO Digital Transformation 2
Chris Maritato and his team used technology to drive customer experience at Sonic Automotive



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