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Cloud plays an important role but is no cure-all for healthcare IT 

CIO Cloud
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) provides cancer care to patients from five regional medical centers across the...

Key steps to inspire confidence as you move to DevOps

Devops gears laptop
One constant throughout my career at both large companies and startups has been accelerating the process of taking a...

How 4 IT execs are organizing their teams for innovation

Link between meaning and innovation
When it comes to innovation, CIOs are increasingly being called upon to predict the potential business impact of emerging...

Lessons you can learn from CBRE’s DevOps journey

Devops gears laptop
When I joined CBRE back in 2012, there was a need to strengthen our project methodology standards. So one...

Monsanto CIO recommends taking these five approaches to data security

CIO Security Lock
As hard as we've worked on our digital transformation at Monsanto, we are working just as hard on data...

Looking for ways IT can create new revenue streams? Here's what the USTA CIO is doing

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Introducing digital engagement is something we focus on a lot at the United States Tennis Association. One of the...

What it's really like for a CIO to move from a huge company to a small one

Moving faster code to deployment
Ever wonder what it would be like to move to an IT leadership role at a small company? Steve...

Enriching the customer experience with technology

IT hiring strategy
One of my hot-button topics right is how lackadaisical the United States is in implementing chip-and-PIN technology for credit...

Retiring technology debt in a highly-traditional industry

CIO Cloud
As a recent arrival at NN in Prague, I just finalized what I call our operational delivery plan. Now...

The challenge of retaining IT talent in the construction industry

CIO Cloud
If you think retaining IT talent is hard in your industry, try running an IT organization in the construction...



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