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Mattel CTO counts on 4 principles to lead digital transformation

Leading a transformation starts with empathy, says Sven Gerjets

The digital transformation trap: Don't ignore the marathon for the sprints

CIO as Digital Leader
Too many organizations are powering through the sprints of digital transformation and losing the marathon. Here's why and how...

Transformative IT teams share a power skill: Adaptability

CIO Nagging Issues
The future requires adaptable technology, adaptable teams, and adaptable leaders, new report says

Does your change management plan cut it in the digital age?

drafting ideas ruler
Traditional change management practices weren’t built for digital transformation. Here’s how to rethink two key aspects of your approach

Infographic: 7 new rules of the road for CIO leadership

There are no shortcuts for leading digital transformation. Follow this new set of CIO leadership rules identified by your...

4 factors to rethink when leading innovation

Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst recently discussed the challenges of the large-scale culture change associated with digital...

Digital transformation: Why coauthoring beats collaboration

cio ciso relationship tips
CIOs leading successful digital transformation efforts explain why collaboration is not enough anymore

How to lead transformation without building a huge tech team

AI artificial intelligence
Not all companies can open tech incubators or hire thousands of engineers - but they can still compete on...

Why it's time to redefine failure in IT

Identify software development pain points CIO
CIOs who are succeeding at digital transformation are changing how their organizations think about experimentation and failure - and...

4 focal points for Monsanto digital transformation

data science
Jim Swanson discusses how to pave the way for the benefits of near real-time data



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