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Digital transformation: 5 signs your organization is stalled

CIO To Do List When to Try New Technology
Digital transformation takes time and patience – so how can you tell when you need to shift to gain...

Digital transformation ROI: How to check a project's payoff

Trying to do an investment check on digital transformation projects? 5 expert tips

To talk about agile transformation, let’s go to the movies

Will your organization's agile transformation be a Cinderella-style change – or have more in common with a werewolf? Here's...

4 things CIOs should know about event-centric data strategy

How big data works with AI
A focus on data in flight, rather than at rest, is one hallmark of an event-centric data strategy

How to renew your customer focus in the new year

cio ciso relationship tips
These approaches have helped my IT teams nurture and grow a customer-centric mindset

What is a digital platform?

A digital platform can improve experiences for customers, employees, and partners. So why do so many companies fail to...

Digital transformation reality check: 10 trends

AI artificial intelligence
2019 is the year when CIOs scrutinize investments, work even more closely with the CEO, and look to AI...

20 CIOs to follow on Twitter for digital transformation wisdom

When you're navigating the digital transformation journey, there’s nothing quite as valuable as guidance from fellow travelers

5 things employees want from managers: A holiday wish list

People would love to see these behavior changes from leaders

3 new leadership skills for the transformative CIO

devops trends 2020
CIOs must evolve their own leadership skills in three key areas – or fall behind in the digital age...



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