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Digital transformation: Are you using outdated IT metrics?

Yesterday’s IT metrics don’t show what IT contributes in the digital era. CIOs share 7 ideas to update how...

Today’s CIOs, by the numbers: 9 telling stats

How big data works with AI
How is the CIO role evolving? Are CIOs truly shaping digital strategy? Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey offers instructive...

CIOs say R.I.P. IT project management

devops culture questions
Top CIOs explain why they've shifted their IT focus to managing products instead of projects

Land O'Lakes CIO: Old IT metrics hamper new transformation goals

CIO Illustration Dollars
The metrics by which business leaders typically measure IT may directly conflict with stated transformation goals. Here's how we...

Why listening to customers is no longer enough

IT talent future
Learn how the most successful businesses and their leaders – digital transformation masters – are changing what it means...

7 new rules of CIO leadership: New Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Research

Learn from the transformation masters. Prominent IT chiefs reveal how they rethought leadership to increase organizational speed and supercharge...

Digital transformation: How to beat the funding challenges

Executives continue to struggle with how to fund digital transformation projects. Let's examine three funding pitfalls and approaches that...

How leaders can create a sense of urgency

Want to increase the sense of urgency in your organization? Our fast start guide shares five tips from John...

Minimum Viable Product disconnect: How to avoid a dangerous trap

CIO Delivering apps faster 2
IT leaders tend to focus on "minimum," while business leaders focus on "viable." Here's how to stop miscommunication from...

Monsanto CIO: How we got started with digital transformation

James Swanson shares two keys to rethinking IT to help drive digital transformation: Talent and brainstorming



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