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Quantum computing: 4 things CIOs should know

quantum computing
Should quantum computing be on an IT leader's radar, or is it simply the stuff of research labs right...

Bad, biased, and unethical uses of AI

AI artificial intelligence
CIOs should be aware of these 4 examples of unethical AI - and understand their role in ensuring that...

Kubernetes in 2019: 6 developments to expect

2020 trends
If you thought there was a lot of chatter about Kubernetes in 2018, you ain’t seen nothing yet

Why minimum viable product isn't just for startups

IT and Business Alignment
Ebix CIO explains why the MVP concept works for mature organizations

How to explain microservices in plain English

Use these tips to talk microservices in terms that non-techies can understand

How to choose an emerging technology: 3 factors

Identify software development pain points CIO
Aaron Stibel walks you though his choice for a modernization effort – including culture fit.

4 key IT trends for CIOs in 2017

CIO IT Investments 2
Everybody in the technology sector knows innovation is a good thing. The problem for CIOs is anticipating which innovations...

Will 2017 be the “Year of Technology Realization?”

data science
Aspire to be a technology strategist , whatever your title says – the assertion by Vanguard CIO John Marcante...

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