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Why IoT is not an island

Internet of Things text with devices
As IoT increasingly becomes an integral part of many enterprise technology stacks, I see a future for IoT mixing...

Cloud costs: 4 myths and misunderstandings

CIO Illustration Dollars
Don't let these persistent cloud cost myths damage your strategy, lead to cost overruns, or feed "told you so"...

10 ways to learn more about blockchain

CIO digital transformation
Still confused about blockchain? Whether you have time to watch a quick video, read a book, or take an...

The state of public cloud: 10 notable statistics

CIO Cloud
These stats paint a picture of how organizations are using public cloud in transformative ways – and what's coming...

How to explain blockchain in plain English

Reinvention Imperative
Arm yourself with definitions that will help you explain blockchain to others. One expert compares it to a school...

How to find the right home for a hybrid cloud workload: 5 security questions

Is this the right cloud service for my workload? We break down how to answer a key hybrid cloud...

Hybrid cloud talent: 7 in-demand skills now

Digital transformation ROI
What do hybrid cloud pros need to get hired – and what should hiring managers prioritize? Check out this...

Hybrid cloud security: How to answer the skeptics

Learn how to respond to the five most common questions that hybrid cloud doubters will raise

10 highlights for IT leaders: Mary Meeker’s internet report

Tech sage Mary Meeker's annual look at industry trends is out: We distill items of note for IT chiefs...

Artificial intelligence: 4 truths CIOs should know

IT leaders took a deep dive into the much-hyped topic of AI at MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2018. Consider...



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