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7 edge computing trends to watch in 2020

edge computing trends 2020
Where will edge computing go next? Here's what analysts and industry experts have to say

5G: 12 statistics to see

5g statistics
There’s plenty of nuance in the numbers and hype surrounding 5G. Let’s dig into data around speed, coverage, spending,...

5G: Is it time to jump in?

5g statistics
The much-anticipated fifth-generation mobile networking technology holds enormous potential for enterprise users. Here's how to know when to commit...

5 myths about 5G, debunked

5G what leaders need to know
5G will change the rules for apps requiring high speed and near-zero latency. But what about coverage – and...

5G: What IT leaders need to know

5G what leaders need to know
5G networks promise fast speeds and low latency: That’s a big deal in an era when data is gold...

3 keys to faster transformation: Gartner Symposium takeaways

Gartner Symposium: Three scale accelerators
Enterprises must treat change as a catalyst rather than a combatant. Let's examine three factors that will help CIOs...

How CIOs can turn IoT into business value

Internet of Things mobile phone wifi
The disruptive potential of the Internet of Things is generating a lot of excitement in the insurance industry. I...

How IoT is enabling a new wave of digital business transformation

Internet of Things mobile phone wifi
The consumerization of technology was an opportunity for IT organizations to become strategic business partners. Unfortunately, the opportunity was...

Staying ahead of security “weak links” in the Internet of Things future

Digital transformation security
The explosive growth of the Internet of Things is an exciting trend for consumers, but it comes with many...

Sandisk CIO improves business efficiency with IoT

Internet of Things computer typewriter devices TV
SanDisk CIO Ravi Naik doesn’t just oversee IT operations, he is also the head of real estate and facilities...

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