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Moving faster in a slower-moving industry

CIO Digital Training
How do you move faster in a mature, slow-growth industry that until recently ran on mainframe technology in a...

Sneak peek of MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2016: Thriving in the digital economy

CIO idea with lightbulb
Now in its 13th year, the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is a unique, must-attend event for CIOs and IT...

Advice on how to handle shadow IT

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Is shadow IT a security threat that you must stamp out, or something IT must learn to live with?...

Organizing IT for continuous learning in an era of rapid change

CIO Moving Up
The pace at which consumer-oriented applications and services are being delivered is almost dizzying, and IT groups feel pressure...

Week-in-Review: The elusive data scientist

CIO News Week In Review
In this week's edition of news for IT pros, we share articles on how CIOs are addressing big data...

How Vanguard uses design thinking to improve customer experiences

Moving faster code to deployment
There are certain milestones or moments in people’s lives, some joyful, some not so joyful, that require people to...

Week-in-Review: Cloud considerations for CIOs

CIO News Week In Review
This week, Google's cloud computing customers experienced an outage of 18 minutes. It was a small hiccup, and one...

Productivity Hack: Find an app that works for you

Tablets and mobile phones
Over the last several weeks, we've brought you insights from IT experts on how you can eliminate distractions and...

Week-in-Review: The changing CIO role, and security 101

CIO News Week In Review
In this week's edition of news for IT pros, why CIOs get derailed, and tips for staying ahead of...

Strategic CIOs embrace emerging technologies for competitive advantage

AIOps Digital Tools
“78 percent of the CEOs responding to PwC’s 2016 US CEO Survey said they were somewhat or extremely concerned...



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