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7 unique ways to give thanks to your team

Building a culture of gratitude leads to happier, more motivated teams. Consider these unique ways leaders can show appreciation...

The technologist I'd invite to Thanksgiving dinner

If you could invite any technologist – past or present – to Thanksgiving dinner, who would you pick? IT...

5 steps to becoming a data-driven leader

As a flood of big data and analysis tools rushes toward them, leaders are frozen – defaulting back to...

Why your IT organization needs pausers and pouncers

You're handed a new flavor of ice cream: Do you eat it? CIOs and IT leaders need to identify...

Digital transformation: 3 leadership approaches that work

Digital transformation leadership lessons
Sometimes, digital transformation means getting bagels in customers’ hands faster. Listen to real-world stories of how to get –...

Kubernetes reality check: 3 takeaways from KubeCon

What's the state of Kubernetes? At Kubecon, I saw a lot of progress – but also, the need to...

Security attacks: 3 habits of the most resilient companies

Digital transformation security
Is your organization highly resilient to cyber attacks? Consider these three approaches to building resilience into strategy

CIO role: Does a CIO need a tech degree anymore?

cio role tech degree
A technical degree used to be a must-have, but recruiters and some CIOs say that’s changed. Economics, history, and...

Digital transformation: 4 steps CIOs should take to stay on track

Digital transformation ROI
The path to digital transformation presents formidable hurdles. Here’s how to help your organization recognize diverse perspectives, log quick...

10 tips for CIOs presenting to the board of directors 

productive meetings 10 tips 2020
Presenting to the board of directors is an opportunity for CIOs to shine. Waters Corporation CIO Brook Colangelo shares...



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