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Vertafore CIO explains need for agility in insurance industry IT

CIO Illustration Connected Computers
In his previous role as vice president at American Express, Joe Magrady had a lot of responsibility managing global...

GE Cloud CTO: Look for these skills when hiring for cloud

CIO Cloud
I believe that obtaining the right skills for any organization is as much a cultural challenge as a skills-based...

4 IT leaders discuss IT's role in the Internet of Things

CIO Roundtable
By 2020, as many as 50 billion “things” – from toasters and coffee makers to cars and medical equipment...

Investment Bank provides IT testing ground to entrepreneurs

IT and Business Alignment
Chantal Belzile has to take a broad view when it comes to IT. As senior vice president and CIO...

3 must-have soft skills required for success in IT

CIO Digital Training
Most IT employees know that success at their jobs is entirely dependent on their skills. But they think of...

Crowdsourcing your way to inclusive IT leadership

CIO leading remote teams tips
Recently I moved into a new role as CIO at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. To get a...

CIOs: Don't let "tech talk" jeopardize digital transformation

Speak the Language
A recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report found that close to half of all respondents (49 percent) said...

3 overlooked management skills I wish I’d developed sooner

cloud typwriter storage USB computer
As the pace of technology change accelerates, there’s a strong tendency for chief information officers to expend great energy...

CIOs: The business expects you to lead digital

Be the Guide
When asked what a CIO's most important contribution to the business is over the next three years, only 21...

15 must-follow Twitter accounts for daily DevOps insights

20 people CIOs should follow on Twitter
The DevOps movement is quickly gaining steam across every major industry vertical and playing a significant role in culture,...



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