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From CIO to CXO: How to move into a new role

chief digital officer role future
To advance from the CIO role to another C-suite position, you'll need to market who you are, what you...

IT Talent: 5 key practices for the decade ahead

kubernetes interview questions
CIOs share what it takes to hire and build talent that can tackle the technical challenges of today and...

DevOps process: 4 ways to improve

devops trends 2020
Consider these DevOps lessons learned – on key factors from testing to continuous improvement - as you improve your...

Digital transformation: 5 uncomfortable truths in 2020

Have big digital transformation plans for the year ahead? These obstacles may already be slowing your progress. Here's how...

IT talent strategy for 2020 and beyond: New HBR Analytic Services research

What do CIOs need to do now to shape talent strategy for the future? Learn from your peers about...

Digital transformation: 9 ROI factors when upgrading legacy systems

digital transformation legacy ROI factors
If you are putting off IT modernization efforts due to complexity and cost, consider these ROI factors associated with...

Emotional intelligence terms: Responsibility vs. accountability

Emotionally intelligent leaders understand the difference between these two terms and apply them wisely. Let's examine a few misunderstandings...

How to create data literacy: 3 keys

Big data explained
To build true data literacy, empower your employees to speak the language of data with confidence

CIO role: 9 ways it will evolve in 2020

CIO role
What’s next for CIOs? Cross-functional teams, design thinking, careful attention to partners, and above all, talent management and relationship...

Digital transformation storytelling tips: How to explain your work

Storytelling tips for leaders
You need to tell a good story to get people on board for the change that comes with digital...



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