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7 phrases leaders should stop saying in 2020

digital transformation advice
You hear it all the time: a colleague using an IT term incorrectly or relying on corporate speak to...

How CIOs can help teams dedicate time to continuous improvement

zoom tips
It can be difficult to find time to make ongoing, incremental improvements within IT. Thales North America CIO Kevin...

Design thinking: 9 ways to get started

CIO Delivering apps faster 1
Design thinking can help you get closer to your customers' wants and needs. These expert tips will help you...

How to use conflict to build stronger IT teams

Conflict is often viewed as negative, but it's essential for building stronger teams. Here are tips for leaders to...

Digital transformation: 3 ways to lure the technical talent you need

virtual onboarding best practices
Staffing your digital transformation is an enormous challenge. Consider making changes in these three areas to attract your new...

Digital transformation: How emotionally intelligent leaders aid success

CIO as Digital Leader
Digital transformation success depends largely on a leader’s ability to motivate their team members. Here’s how to overcome three...

7 time-wasting habits to kick in 2020

COBOL application modernization
What's your calendar enemy? Try these practical strategies to reclaim more time in your work day and increase productivity...

Agile: What do leaders still get wrong?

agile team truths

Many agile pros think their leaders just don't understand the realities of the agile way of working: That's what we h

Why meetings go wrong – and how to get them back on track

Too often, meetings are unnecessary, inefficient, or both. Consider these six steps to turn your meetings into time well...

DevOps conferences to attend in 2020

devops conferences to attend in 2020
Looking to expand your skills and raise your profile in the DevOps community this year? Check out these top...



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