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How DevOps teams can get more from open source tools

Devops gears laptop
To get the best from DevOps, tackle your open source strategy in two dimensions: horizontal and then vertical. Consider...

IT careers: How to get a job as a solution delivery architect

cio ciso relationship tips
As a liaison between developers and executives, a solution delivery architect shows strong communication skills. You'll need to listen...

The myth of time management: 7 contrarian tips

time management tips
If you're still trying to do more in less time, you're buying into the myth. Focus less on efficiency...

3 DevOps skills IT leaders need for the next normal

Infinity lines to illustrate the concept of DevOps
As the triage phase of COVID-19 response ends and the transformation phase begins, individuals and organizations can achieve more...

Digital transformation: 11 habits of successful teams

cio role digital transformation
Say no to innovation theater. Quantify what success looks like. Encourage widespread agility. Consider these practices of teams beating...

Job search etiquette now: What COVID-19 changed

 IT career networking etiquette rules
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the reality - and etiquette - of job hunting. Get advice on virtual interview...

What does a business continuity plan include? 5 key elements

business continuity plan how to build
The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the weakness of many organizations' business continuity plans. Here's how to build a plan that...

IT careers: Why you should embrace unexpected twists

IT career twists
Those unexpected twists and turns in careers can teach rising leaders plenty - including how to make sense of...

Planning your post-COVID-19 return: 8 kinds of attitudes about risk 

Some employees are more comfortable with risk than others. Understanding these eight types of personal attitudes toward risk can...

3 ways leaders can build a stronger security culture

CIO Security Lock
COVID-19 gives bad actors new opportunities: Now's the time for executive leadership to step up and focus everyone in...



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