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Value Stream Management: The good, bad, and ugly for Agile and DevOps leaders

Two employees playing tug of war with pie chart
Plenty of enterprises still struggle to know exactly what value is being derived from their software development efforts. Here's...

Agile: 9 signs your leader gets Scrum

Employees hanging notes on wall to represent agile methodologies
Your leaders may know about scrum and agile practices, but do they understand them? Here's how to tell

Solution delivery architect: 6 misconceptions around an in-demand IT job

solution delivery architect role
Whether you're applying for solution delivery architect jobs or hiring for them, it's important to understand why this role...

Agile: Can the wrong tool derail your transformation?

agile tools mistakes
When it comes to agile tools, one size does not fit all. Here are three common mistakes – and...

Motivating teams: The truth about money vs. relationships

Leaders try many strategies to get the most from teams - praise, perks, and of course, money. The counterintuitive...

DevOps: 3 mistakes we're still making

While we've come a long way with using DevOps to improve development processes and boost team productivity, teams continue...

IT job interviews: Try the behavioral approach for a win-win

it jobs 2020
Using a behavioral-based approach to the IT job interview process benefits both job seekers and employers. Here's how to...

7 ways to use Raspberry Pi in enterprise IT

Internet of Things computer typewriter devices TV
From team-building exercises to low-cost security and Kubernetes experiments, consider these ways enterprise IT pros can use Raspberry Pi...

IT metrics: Why the five 9s must go

IT metrics
If your team measures IT uptime using the five 9s approach, it may be time to rethink how you...

Data literacy training: What you need to know

data literacy training how to design
Successful data literacy training programs are never one-size-fits-all. Consider this expert advice to avoid common mistakes and design a...



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