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6 new rules of engagement for CIOs in 2020

Since the pandemic began, we've seen seismic shifts in customer focus and operational speed. Waters Corporation CIO Brook Colangelo...

8 leadership assumptions being overturned now

Our community of IT leaders and experts weigh in on traditional leadership notions that they've seen turned upside down...

Digital transformation: 7 signs your strategic plan needs an upgrade

digital transformation
Do you need to step back and fine-tune your digital transformation strategy? Consider these red flags

Emotional intelligence: 3 ways to build optimism during disruption

emotional intelligence
Understanding how to cultivate optimism in the midst of crisis can enable IT leaders and their teams to not...

How leaders can support high-performing engineering teams

crisis leadership
Consider this real-world advice on supporting your team, building support for organizational change – and growing as a leader

DevOps engineers: Common misconceptions about the role

IT talent future
What qualities and skills define a future-ready DevOps engineer? Hint: It's about people, not code deployment

DevOps for beginners: Where to start learning and focusing

Infinity lines to illustrate the concept of DevOps
Where to start with DevOps? Let's explore how to get going with this cross-functional way of working that breaks...

IT careers: 3 recruiting factors to rethink now

it jobs 2020
Hiring during the pandemic? You might want to reconsider how you use some traditional application filters, especially when it...

10 ways to fight Zoom fatigue

Zoom fatigue tips
Video conferencing will be a long-term reality for many professionals – and so will Zoom fatigue. Here's how leaders...

Digital transformation: 3 signs you need to pivot

digital transformation reality check
How do you know when your digital transformation strategy needs a shift to address market changes or new priorities?...



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