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Digital transformation: Leadership imperatives for 2021

digital transformation: two workers exchanging files through video chat
For leaders doing digital transformation work in 2021, four issues deserve special attention: Collaboration, culture, data ethics and security,...

IT careers: 4 tips to get a new job in 2021

interview tips for hiring managers
The current push to accelerate digital transformation and improve remote work is good news for your IT career path...

Digital transformation strategy: 7 factors to re-examine about yours now

digital transformation
During the pandemic, you may have taken some shortcuts. Reassess these parts of your digital transformation strategy to make...

CIO role: 3 predictions for 2021

cio role 2021
The CIO role changed in response to the pandemic-fueled challenges of 2020. Consider these CIO lessons learned – and...

Remote work: 3 resolutions for leaders in 2021

remote work collaboration
Even as we try to define a post-COVID new normal, the remote work model isn't going away. Consider this...

What CIOs should learn from consumer tech's playbook in 2021

remote work culture
Right now, IT leaders need to focus on creating experiences for employees that lead to something deeper than satisfaction:...

Digital transformation: In-demand skills for 2021

it jobs 2021
If you're looking for a new career opportunity to enable digital transformation, consider this advice on skills and interviews...

Remote work: 10 tips to be a better virtual collaborator

Mismatched expectations, poor tools, or even bad manners can hurt virtual collaboration. Consider these remote working best practices for...

Your post-pandemic office life: 4 predictions

Man with laptop sits with clock face and sticky notes in background
Almost a year in, remote work has inexorably changed the traditional 9-to-5 office model. Here are some welcome shifts...

Digital transformation in the remote work era: 11 do's and don'ts

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up. digital transformation
Leading digital transformation during a pandemic has not been optional. Tap into some upsides, such as receptivity to new...



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