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When Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets 3 retail industry pain points

AI artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can help the retail industry not just survive in today's challenging economy but thrive in...

4 must-read digital transformation books for leaders

Books stacked up for reading
Successful digital transformation leaders focus on much more than technology. These books will broaden your understanding of the customer...

IT metrics: 5 measurement mistakes to avoid

Crack in ground, employees falling into crack
Too often, business leaders use the wrong metrics to measure the success of their IT departments. Consider the following...

Digital transformation: 5 ways to balance creativity and productivity

Two employees playing tug of war with pie chart
Creativity and productivity shouldn't be opposing forces in your digital transformation efforts. Consider these tips to tap the power...

4 IT leadership skills for the next decade: Alabama CIO of the Year winners share

2020 trends
From hiring constant learners, to prioritizing user experience, here are the key leadership skills award-winning CIOs say will be...

Digital transformation: 3 tips to counter change fatigue

digital transformation customer focus
Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation, causing fatigue, distrust, and burnout during digital...

Remote work: How the pandemic is reshaping the office of the future

remote work lessons
Having shifted to remote work, more businesses are considering a future with lower-cost office models that give employees choice...

Virtual onboarding plan checklist: 10 essentials

virtual onboarding tips
Welcoming new hires while fully remote? Use this checklist to make sure your virtual onboarding plan works for managers...

DevOps job hunt: 3 resume writing tips

devops resume tips
Is your resume ready to help you win a DevOps job? Learn how to tailor your resume for these...

CIO role: 4 essential organizational needs for what's next

Consider this version of Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs, adapted to the CIO. IT leaders can use this...



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