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Digital transformation: 10 sneaky money-wasters

digital transformation spending
Digital transformation work remains at the top of IT leaders’ to-do lists. But there’s only so much funding. Are...

Digital transformation: 3 people pain points

digital transformation advice
Digital transformation challenges always boil down to people. Are you soothing skepticism, opening up communication, and setting realistic goals?

7 unique ways to give thanks to your team

Building a culture of gratitude leads to happier, more motivated teams. Consider these unique ways leaders can show appreciation...

The technologist I'd invite to Thanksgiving dinner

If you could invite any technologist – past or present – to Thanksgiving dinner, who would you pick? IT...

5 steps to becoming a data-driven leader

As a flood of big data and analysis tools rushes toward them, leaders are frozen – defaulting back to...

Why your IT organization needs pausers and pouncers

You're handed a new flavor of ice cream: Do you eat it? CIOs and IT leaders need to identify...

Digital transformation: 3 leadership approaches that work

Digital transformation leadership lessons
Sometimes, digital transformation means getting bagels in customers’ hands faster. Listen to real-world stories of how to get –...

Kubernetes reality check: 3 takeaways from KubeCon

What's the state of Kubernetes? At Kubecon, I saw a lot of progress – but also, the need to...

Security attacks: 3 habits of the most resilient companies

Digital transformation security
Is your organization highly resilient to cyber attacks? Consider these three approaches to building resilience into strategy

CIO role: Does a CIO need a tech degree anymore?

cio role tech degree
A technical degree used to be a must-have, but recruiters and some CIOs say that’s changed. Economics, history, and...



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