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When it comes to legacy systems, focus on usability

Tech Debt explained
Just about every large enterprise is at least partly running on outdated legacy systems that are inefficient by modern...

Vanguard CIO: Why we’re on a journey to evolve to a microservices architecture

cloud servers laptops connected
Most CIOs recognize the need to be more agile in order to compete in a constantly changing environment. In...

What Spreadshirt CTO did when its technology reached the "point-of-no-more-innovation"

Tech Debt explained
You've spent millions of dollars on systems that were state-of-the-art the year you installed them. But time and technology...

Think carefully before taking a "rip and replace" approach to legacy technology

CIO Digital Transformation 2
Stuck with a lot of legacy software and wondering what to do? Don't just junk it and start over...

Legacy systems and a highly-regulated industry aren’t holding back this FinTech CTO

IT and Business Alignment
Digital transformation can – and must – coexist with legacy systems. One CTO shares tips for moving forward in a legacy-rich environment.

Why retiring legacy technology needs to be a business priority

Tech Debt explained
Everyone in an enterprise – not just those people within IT – needs to maintain an awareness of what’s...

5 skills your CIO needs in 2016

CIO Interview
What will a successful CIO be called upon to do in 2016? Based on the past year, here are...

Major Overhaul: How the FCC CIO plans to modernize 207 legacy IT systems

Chief Lateral Thinking Officer CIO
When Dr. David A. Bray took the reins as the new CIO of the Federal Communications Commission last year,...

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