Unconscious bias training that works

Unconscious Bias training is important for any company seeking a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. We’re all guilty of snap judgments and preconceived notions, so by raising awareness of our own internal biases about people’s character – often based on race and gender – we’re creating more opportunities for fairer hiring practices and promotions, not to mention a massive improvement for interactions among customers and colleagues. So how can unconscious bias training be most effective? By teaching attendees how to manage their biases and practice new behaviors, plus tracking their progress. Provide them with information that contradicts stereotypes and allows them to connect with other employees whose journeys and life experiences are different from their own. And this isn’t a one-time thing; it entails a long journey and structural organizational changes. Download this report to find out how behavioral scientist Francesa Gino and Harvard Business School professor Katherine Coffman help employees overcome denial and act on their awareness, develop the empathy that combats bias, diversify their networks and commit to overall improvement. 


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