Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby is an award-winning reporter and editor with more than twenty years of professional journalism experience. For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology. She lives in Boston, Mass.

5 artificial intelligence (AI) types, defined

Do you understand the main types of AI, how they work, and where they add value? Let's break down...

Edge computing and AI: 7 things to know

edge computing trends 2020
How do edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) work together? Why does edge fit well with AI? What are...

7 edge computing trends to watch in 2020

edge computing trends 2020
Where will edge computing go next? Here's what analysts and industry experts have to say

Edge computing by the numbers: 9 compelling stats

Edge computing trends 2021
What's the state of edge computing, now and looking ahead? Let's dig into the data

Digital transformation: 6 ways to democratize data skills

Big data explained
Organizations need data science know-how in order to connect data to analytics or algorithms and deliver digital transformation insights...

9 TED Talks for leaders managing remote teams

Check out nine of the best TED Talks on challenges related to remote work and managing remote teams. Improve...

AI vs. automation: 6 ways to spot fake AI

AI artificial intelligence
Is that really artificial intelligence - or just automation, being described as AI? Let's explore the difference - and...

Big data and AI: 7 common misunderstandings

How big data works with AI
Some false notions have emerged about how AI and big data work together, leading to potential confusion. IT leaders,...

IT careers: 9 networking etiquette do's and dont's

 IT career networking etiquette rules
What are the unspoken rules of personal networking in the IT career arena? Here’s how to stay polite with...

Data science vs. machine learning: What's the difference?

data science
Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), while data science is the discipline of data cleansing, preparation,...



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