Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby is an award-winning reporter and editor with more than twenty years of professional journalism experience. For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology. She lives in Boston, Mass.

CIO role: 9 ways it will evolve in 2020

CIO role
What’s next for CIOs? Cross-functional teams, design thinking, careful attention to partners, and above all, talent management and relationship...

8 digital transformation trends for 2020

cio role digital transformation
Having some digital transformation fatigue on your team? You're not alone: Here's what else to watch for in the...

10 AI trends to watch in 2020

AI artificial intelligence
What’s happening in artificial intelligence in the year ahead? Look for modeling at the edge, new attention to data...

R.I.P. CDO? Chief digital officer role’s future looks less bright

chief digital officer role future
Despite the business imperatives of digital transformation, chief digital officer hiring has slowed. As the line between business and...

Chief data officer: The CIO’s new best friend?

chief data officer role
The chief data officer position is growing not only more prevalent, but also more prominent, as part of digital...

Digital transformation dream teams: 8 people you need

Digital transformation 2021
Successful digital transformation teams exhibit breadth across multiple disciplines – and depth in a few. But personalities matter, too...

CIO role: 8 tips to get along better with the CFO

cio cfo relationship
Do you feel like finance people are from Mars and IT people are from Venus? Here’s how IT leaders...

Digital transformation: 10 sneaky money-wasters

digital transformation spending
Digital transformation work remains at the top of IT leaders’ to-do lists. But there’s only so much funding. Are...

CIO role: Does a CIO need a tech degree anymore?

cio role tech degree
A technical degree used to be a must-have, but recruiters and some CIOs say that’s changed. Economics, history, and...

CIO role: Do you have what it takes to be CIO? 7 questions

cio role digital transformation
So you want to become a Chief Information Officer? Ask these questions about your motives, qualifications, and hopes



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