Steven ZoBell

Steven ZoBell
Chief Technology and Product Officer

Steven ZoBell is Chief Technology and Product Officer, Workfront. He leads the Workfront engineering and platform hosting and operations organizations as they develop the company’s purpose-built solutions for IT and marketing teams. He also works closely with the Workfront product and services teams to ensure that the technology platform is evolving to meet customer and market needs.

Steve brings more than 20 years of product development, software engineering and business management experience to the Workfront Team. Prior to Workfront, Steve was the Chief Product and Technology Officer at ADP AdvancedMD where his contributions included the launch of the AdvancedMD iPad and iPhone mobile solutions and the development of the AdvancedInsight business intelligence tools. He also worked closely with the Implementation Services teams to dramatically increase the first-year satisfaction of customers. Steve also previously served as the Chief Technology Officer for inContact. Some of his other accomplishments include overseeing the development of three Microsoft franchises: Amped snowboarding, Top Spin tennis, and Links golf.

During the course of his career, Steve has also been involved in the development of more than 25 critically acclaimed, award-winning, commercial software products.

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