About The Enterprisers Project

Welcome to The Enterprisers Project, a community and online publication helping CIOs and IT leaders solve problems and drive business value. The Enterprisers Project, supported by Red Hat, also partners with Harvard Business Review to bring CIOs the best content. We deliver daily analysis and advice on topics ranging from emerging technologies to IT talent. Our articles written by CIOs, for CIOs and other IT executives, share lessons learned from innovating in true partnership with the business. 

What is an Enterpriser?

In an era of increasing IT complexity and digital disruption, CIOs have more responsibilities than ever. Yet, our community of 60+ business-minded IT leaders, who we call Enterprisers, take the time to regularly contribute advice and invaluable insight into how they solve the toughest challenges – both on the technology side and the people side – facing enterprises today. 

We also feature original research, exclusive Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reports, infographics, and other resources that IT professionals find valuable. 

As of April 2023, The Enterprisers Project's daily publication is no longer supported by Red Hat.