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Why everyone in your organization must understand AI ethics

Beena Ammanath, Reid Blackman

What are some of the sources of great risk organizations often overlook when thinking about AI ethics? Procurement officers, senior leaders who lack the expertise to vet ethical risks in AI projects, and data scientists and engineers who don’t understand the ethical risks of AI.

How to negotiate a remote work arrangement

Susan Peppercorn

With remote work more common than it’s ever been thanks to the pandemic, what is the best way to create a “work-from-anywhere” arrangement when negotiating a job offer?

How good is your company at change?

David Michels, Kevin Murphy

We’ve all gotten pretty good at adapting to change over the past year and a half. As executives try to navigate this new business landscape and keep pace, what is a realistic expectation for adapting to change? How much change is good? How fast should the changes happen?

When to take on tasks that are outside of your job description

Margaret M. Luciano, Virgil Fenters, Semin Park, Amy Bartels, and Scott Tannenbaum

What do you do if you see that an important task needs to be done but it’s outside of your job description? Before you decide whether to switch lanes, consider this research based on observations and recordings of first responders completing mass-casualty incident simulations. Margaret M.

Eliminate strategic overload

Felix Oberholzer-Gee

Many organizations are trying to respond to intensifying competitive pressures and challenges by asking too much of their employees. But focusing on a few important initiatives can lead to greater impact.

Use OKRs to set goals for teams, not individuals

Jeff Gothelf

Objectives and key results (OKRs) have become a popular method teams use to plan for success and measure it. This framework has been so successful, Jeff Gothelf says, because it focuses on the impact of the work rather than the actual work itself.

Digitizing isn’t the same as digital transformation

Paul Leinwand and Mahadeva Matt Mani

What’s the difference between digitizing and digital transformation? For the past year, organizations have focused on digitizing – spearheading digital initiatives to help them stay in the game during COVID-19.

4 styles of decision-making: A leader’s guide

Sanjay Malhotra

The most influential leaders learn how to adjust their style of decision-making to suit particular circumstances. Different contexts and situations call for individual managerial responses and sometimes multiple approaches to decision-making.

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