CIO Research

Managing in the age of outrage

Karthik Ramanna

People are outraged! Whether it's climate change, COVID restrictions, taxes, or inflation, there will always be a current event that managers have to manage through. What’s the best way to lead in a polarized and uncertain world?

Stop tinkering with AI

Thomas H. Davenport and Nitin Mittal

Feeling unsure about your AI initiatives? Many organizations are starting small and staying cautious. The component that will truly add economic value is deployment on a large scale.

4 techniques for developing strategy insights

Graham Kenny

Gathering insight is key to strategic success because it creates a competitive advantage. But first, you must determine what strategic factors are most relevant to your organization’s key stakeholders.

ChatGPT and how AI disrupts industries

Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfar

ChatGPT has shown us the power of generative AI to take on tasks traditionally associated with “knowledge work.” But we won’t solely rely on machines in the future; we’ll always need the human touch.

Pillars of resilient digital transformation

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

With a number of new challenges on the horizon this year – from economic concerns to supply issues to heightened customer and employee expectations – CIOs are being called upon to build greater resilience and agility into their organization’s DNA.

Kubernetes: Everything you need to know

Download our handy PDF primer on Kubernetes for IT leaders and CIOs. In this white paper, learn key terms, trends, and use cases for this essential technology. 

Ebook: 10 resources to make you a better communicator

Effective communication is critical throughout all aspects of IT leadership. Whether you are seeking to improve your one-on-one conversations or clarify broad organizational messaging, this Ebook has the expert advice you need to achieve your communication goals.