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Productivity is about your systems, not your people

Daniel Markovitz

Many people swear by their personal productivity hacks, whether that’s the elusive “inbox zero,” time boxing their calendars, or even their good old pen and paper to-do list.

Give your remote team unstructured time for collaboration

Barbara Z. Larson

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is the inability to informally ask questions and share information. Even with intentional team building – like virtual happy hours and games – remote workers still report feeling disconnected from their co-workers, notes Barbara Z.

Our work-from-anywhere future

Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury

Before the pandemic, people were already starting to ask, “Do we really need to all be together in an office?” And now that organizations and individuals have learned how to perform well while being distributed, many are wondering if work from anywhere is here to stay.

Technical debt: The IT leader's essential guide

The Enterprisers Project

Is technical debt hampering your enterprise’s ability to speed up software development and time to market? Is it causing financial or talent headaches? Are you struggling to discuss technical debt with your colleagues?

How to explain orchestration in plain English

The Enterprisers Project

What exactly is orchestration? How do you define it succinctly — and how do you explain it to others, including non-technical people?

IT leadership in the next normal

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
Four priorities for CIO success

The next normal has arrived, and CIOs play a central and critical role in whether organizations thrive in this reality. 

Cheat sheet: DevOps glossary

The Enterprisers Project
Need to speak a common language with DevOps teams? Check out our quick-scan primer on key DevOps terms for IT and business leaders

DevOps continues to proliferate among organizations looking to add speed and flexibility to their software development process. As a leader, you’ll need to be able to discuss it with both technical and non-technical audiences.

IT talent strategy: New tactics for a new era

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
New research from HBR Analytic Services

In the decade ahead, technology talent will play a pivotal role in whether companies succeed or fail.

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