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Hybrid cloud is the new normal at many organizations, for reasons starting with flexibility. Our hybrid cloud article collection brings IT leaders advice from your peers and cloud community experts on hybrid cloud environments, hybrid cloud strategy, hybrid cloud security, how to find talent, manage vendors, and more.  Also see our comprehensive resource: Hybrid cloud: The IT leader's guide.

What Yogi Berra can teach us about hybrid cloud strategy

hybrid cloud explained
As Berra would say,"The future ain't what it used to be." 2020 certainly taught us to be nimble in...

5 approaches to cloud automation

cloud automation
How do you avoid the messy, painful business of manually provisioning and maintaining cloud resources - and keep an...

5 hybrid cloud trends to watch in 2021

hybrid cloud explained
As hybrid cloud becomes the go-to model for enterprise IT, watch for these trends. Experts discuss cloud platform changes,...

5 ways cloud storage and data services enable the future of development in the AI age

Big Data and AI use cases
Expecting traditional storage and data constructs to deliver the portability, scale, and speed that cloud-native applications demand is sure...

How to explain edge computing in plain English

Edge computing trends 2021
What is edge computing? How does it relate to cloud computing? We cut through the confusion and help you...

Why IT operations needs new metrics

IT metrics
At a time when CIOs can use cloud infrastructure to turn on new money-making services for customers overnight, how...

Hybrid cloud storage: 7 best practices

hybrid cloud strategy
A hybrid cloud storage approach can help you control costs and add flexibility, among other benefits. But it's important...

How to explain hybrid cloud storage in plain English

hybrid cloud storage explained
What is hybrid cloud storage exactly, and what problems does it solve as data sets continue to grow and...

Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 expert tips

hybrid cloud strategy
The dynamic nature of hybrid cloud requires a corresponding willingness to regularly review and update your strategy and its...

Hybrid cloud examples: 3 ways enterprises are using it now

hybrid cloud examples
Among IT leaders and teams building out hybrid cloud strategies, these three example use cases come up frequently. Which...



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