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The real secret to retaining talent

People with unique skills can have a profound impact on an organization. So how can you retain these valuable employees? Managers know that compensation works to an extent, as evidenced by the huge sums of money upper echelon employees earn and keep coming back for more, but talented people aren’t motivated (solely) by money. Feeling special is crucial; individual recognition of talent is key. Just because you’ve celebrated or praised the value a group brings doesn’t mean that the individuals within that group – even an elite one – will feel extraordinary.

Roger L. Martin

Democratizing transformation

Why do some companies struggle to reap the benefits of digital transformation while others see enormous success? Digital transformation requires that executives, managers, and frontline employees work together to rethink how every aspect of the business should operate. In this article, Microsoft advisor Marco Iansiti and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella describe five stages of digital transformation that companies typically progress through. Download this report to learn the imperative for leaders to help their workforces become innovators. 

Marco Iansiti and Satya Nadella

Managers can’t do it all

The past decades have brought sweeping changes to engineering, digital and agile initiatives. Not to mention the pandemic that has overhauled the way we work – most of us remotely. This has transformed managerial roles in three dimensions: power, skills, and structure. Managers are tasked with ensuring their teams are successful rather than being served by their teams. They must coach performance and lead in fluctuating environments.

Diane Gherson and Lynda Gratton

Purposeful business the agile way

Alongside record numbers of people quitting their jobs, we’ve also seen employees demonstrating their dissatisfaction with their work/life balance as of late. Life is too short to waste on demoralizing work. Employees are still facing social inequities and the environment is suffering – minimal efforts have been made by executives to impact change. Many large companies worry what will happen to their businesses if they become purpose-driven versus profit-maximizing. Agile is here to help. Download this article to learn how to approach tough decisions about corporate purpose.

Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, and Steve Berez

Digital transformation changes how companies create value

Digital transformation is about changing where value is created, and how your business model is structured. Some parts of digital transformation are straightforward and easy to implement, while other aspects completely change how companies work. More often these days, value creation is occurring on the outside rather than the inside, and from external partners instead of internal employees. Labeled an “inverted firm,” this change in organizational structure affects the technology but also the people who manage that technology.

Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Geoffrey G. Parker

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