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What artificial intelligence can and can't do right now
By Andrew Ng

In this Harvard Business Review article, artificial intelligence expert Andrew Ng cuts through the hype and highlights what AI really is doing today. ”After understanding what AI can and can’t do, the next step for executives is incorporating it into their strategies. That means understanding where value is created and what’s hard to copy.” Download this article for a better understanding of where AI is really being deployed. 

What the rise of Russian hackers means for your business
By Michael Sulmeyer

“For years major businesses have contended with hackers attempting to break into their networks and steal their data. In the recent past, that threat mostly emanated from China. Now, a new threat has emerged that companies must address: a savvy, resource-rich, risk-taking gang of hackers with ties to Russia,” writes the author of this Harvard Business Review article. In this article, you’ll learn how the Russian cyber threat (regardless of the Russian government’s involvement) affects your business, and what can you do about it.

Cybersecurity is every executive's job
By Bill Sweeney

“Liability for data breaches that affect customers leads directly to the C-suite. Executives need to personally know how strong their company’s cyber defenses are, as well as the expected responses for attacks or breaches. But according to a recent survey, 40% admitted that they lacked a clear understanding of the cybersecurity protocols within their organizations. This should be an urgent wake-up call to executives that cybersecurity needs to be taken seriously throughout the organization,” writes the author of this Harvard Business Review article. Learn what executives should be doing to ensure security is part of every company initiative, not an afterthought. 

The problem with legacy ecosystems
By Maxwell Wessel, Aaron Levie, and Robert Siegel

“As automation and digitization transform the economy, well-resourced incumbents in industry after industry are losing out to upstarts. Why do so many well-resourced, historically strong companies fail to keep pace with digital-native challengers?” In this Harvard Business Review article, the authors examine this question, which they’ve been exploring in their Stanford University course called “The Industrialist’s Dilemma.” Learn why shaking up your stable relationships with your suppliers, competitors, collaborators, and customers may be critical if you want to survive the digital era. 

Embracing agile
By Darrell K. Rigby, Jeff Sutherland, Hirotaka Takeuch

“By taking people out of their functional silos and putting them in self-managed and customer-focused multidisciplinary teams, the agile approach is not only accelerating profitable growth but also helping to create a new generation of skilled general managers,” write the authors of this Harvard Business Review article. The challenge is that most executives haven’t been trained on agile methodologies, resulting in management that runs “counter to agile principles and practices, undermining the effectiveness of agile teams in units that report to them.” In this HBR article, the authors share “six crucial practices that leaders should adopt if they want to capitalize on agile’s potential.”

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