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Have We Taken Agile Too Far?

There’s no denying that agile is a powerful process for product development, but former Amazon executives Colin Bryar and Bill Carr argue that organizations are using it to avoid careful planning and preparation.

Colin Bryar and Bill Carr

Remote Workers Need Small Talk, Too

Small talk has played a crucial role at work, from learning more about colleagues through casual chats to putting others at ease in more serious settings like sales pitches and job interviews. Small talk, researchers have found, can spark collaboration, improve creativity, increase performance, and drive innovation. But not everyone is comfortable with it. In this article, the authors surveyed full-time working adults about their experiences and sentiments around small talk throughout their day, finding that it could be both uplifting and distracting.

Jessica R. Tethot, Allison S. Gabriel, Patrick Downes, and Emily Rosado-Solomon

How Companies Are Using VR to Develop Employees’ Soft Skills

Companies are grappling with a growing soft skills gap, studies find – a problem exacerbated by the growing number of employees adopting permanent remote work arrangements. Without access to in-person training and education, though, how can businesses help their employees develop these skills? Jeanne Meister says one solution lies in virtual reality (VR). Unlike traditional training tools, which can feel boring and artificial, VR provides experiences that are truly immersive and engaging, and create highly memorable, impactful experiences without the risk of real-world consequences.

Jeanne C. Meister

Is Your C-Suite Equipped to Lead Digital Transformation?

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many companies’ timelines for digital transformation – an effort that traditionally yielded dismally low success rates. That’s because many organizations rushed to increase headcount and budget instead of focusing on other important success factors, namely executives with strong technological and digital literacy skills. Through the analysis of search specifications for C-suite positions in Fortune 1000 companies, the authors found an increase in digital expertise needs and a clear evolution in the roles of top executives.

J. Yo-Jud Cheng, Cassandra Frangos, and Boris Groysberg

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