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38 smart job interview questions to ask

Most job interviews end with an opportunity to ask questions. The intention is to continue proving yourself as a valuable candidate and determine if the position is a right fit for you. This article by author and podcaster Amy Gallo shares sample questions recommended by two career experts and divides them into categories: from learning more about your potential boss to learning more about a company’s culture. 

Amy Gallo

Is your company seizing its digital value?

Digital has completely changed the way companies create and capture value. But many organizations get lost in the idea of digital transformation and forget to focus on how they will continue to create and capture value with digital. 

Stephanie L. Woerner, Peter Weill, and Ina M. Sebastian

How to recover from work stress, according to science

We’ve seen massive improvements in employee benefits concerning mental health support to combat burnout – from mental health PTO to an emphasis on meeting-free days to autonomy and flexible scheduling, companies are recognizing the benefits of focusing on employee well-being. 

Alyson Meister, Bonnie Hayden Cheng, Nele Dael, and Franciska Krings

From prediction to transformation

AI provides valuable insights, but the real value is its ability to improve the quality of decisions. And there are so many options for businesses to take advantage of this. However, when you consider the snowball effect of making a decision in one area of an organization and how it impacts other areas of the business, introducing AI could lead to a full reshaping of systems. Similar to disruptive tech from the past, e.g., electricity, industries have the potential to transform. 

Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb

Make the most of your one-on-one meetings

Unbelievably, many organizations don’t offer strategic guidance or extensive training for people managers. In this HBR article about 1:1 meetings, the author’s research demonstrates that managers that don’t meet with direct reports consistently or manage poorly risk leaving team members feeling disconnected. A meeting done right builds trust and psychological safety, motivating employees to bring efficiency to the team. 

Steven G. Rogelberg

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