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Welcome to The Enterprisers Project, an open-sourced dialogue about the future of the CIO. Join CIO magazine, Harvard Business Review and Red Hat as we bring together business-minded IT leaders to explore the evolving role of CIOs as they drive business strategy and inspire enterprise-wide innovation.

CIOs need to ramp up the capabilities of their staff in order to get ahead of the changes they are facing
The proliferation of the Internet, BYOD, and the globalization of business have changed the way people live, work, and communicate, and BYOD will be even more mainstream than it is now
Companies that make innovation a priority have strong IT departments
Iain Gray, Vice President of Customer Engagement at Red Hat talks about how Enterprising CIOs spend much more time with end users

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"You must encourage and facilitate innovation. Some ideas won't succeed, but you must keep fueling those ideas. It's okay to fail."

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How "social exploring" can help you make better decisions
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Decision making can be downright hard. But it’s not magical. Anyone can learn to be a good decision maker, the key is becoming a good “social explorer."

10 requirements for capitalizing on Analytics 3.0
By Thomas H. Davenport
A new era is dawning in analytics, and it's not big data. The next phase of analytics is "the era of data-enriched offerings," and it's shifting the role of analytics