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Pillars of resilient digital transformation: How CIOs are driving organizational agility

With a number of new challenges on the horizon, CIOs are being called upon to build greater resilience and agility into their organization’s DNA. Download this report to learn what it takes to lead resilient digital transformation. 

Meet the enterprisers

Today CIOs must guide their organizations in ways that remove barriers to growth, inspire innovation and create new business opportunities. Meet a few of the visionary CIOs we call Enterprisers.

Are you an enterpriser?
Meet the enterprisers

Vice President and Chief Information Officer
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Chief Technology Officer
US CIO in Residence
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President
Atlanta Housing Authority
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Zimmer Biomet
Chief Technology and People Officer
Forescout Technologies
Chief Information Officer
Johnson & Johnson