Enterprisers: The CIOs driving the future of business

Part strategist, part collaborator, part futurist, part diplomat — today’s CIOs have the power to inspire a culture and a discipline of enterprise-wide innovation. If you’ve moved beyond CIO as technology service provider to CIO as innovation driver in partnership with the business, you’re probably what we call an Enterpriser. 

What is an Enterpriser?

Enterprisers are never constrained by their title, and work actively to redefine business expectations for what it means.

  • They believe that technology ultimately will drive the success or failure of their companies as digital businesses.
  • They don’t just enable products – they are an active voice in product strategy, definition and direction.
  • They dig into the feasibility of what current technology can deliver and the inspiration potential of what is emerging.
  • They set a vision for growth. They work constantly to balance security and innovation. And they question everything.

Are you an Enterpriser?

Today’s leading CIOs are doing whatever it takes to help the enterprise to respond to business opportunities – and to create new ones. We call these CIOs Enterprisers.