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Hybrid cloud is the new normal at many organizations, for reasons starting with flexibility. Our hybrid cloud article collection brings IT leaders advice from your peers and cloud community experts on hybrid cloud environments, hybrid cloud strategy, hybrid cloud security, how to find talent, manage vendors, and more.  Also see our comprehensive resource: Hybrid cloud: The IT leader's guide.

Hybrid cloud strategy: 4 signs yours needs a refresh

hybrid cloud explained
Users grumbling about latency? Cloud bills delivering surprises? These lead the warning signs your hybrid cloud strategy needs some...

Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 essentials

hybrid cloud strategy
Whether you go hybrid cloud "accidentally" – as many enterprises do – or intentionally, you need a strategy to...

How to manage hybrid cloud costs: 4 tips

hybrid cloud strategy
Let's talk about unnecessary hybrid cloud spending and how IT leaders can eliminate it. Cloud experts share practical advice...

Hybrid cloud costs: 5 misconceptions that can cost you money

Without smart planning, you could face unpleasant surprises when the monthly bills arrive. Consider this expert advice on how...

How to explain hybrid cloud in plain English

hybrid cloud explained
What is hybrid cloud? Experts share some straightforward definitions you can use when explaining or discussing hybrid cloud with...

Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 contrarian tips

hybrid cloud strategy
Hybrid cloud experts and IT leaders share their less-than-conventional wisdom. Let's talk about consistency, costs, and other lessons learned...

Security, privacy, and cloud: 3 examples of why research matters to IT

Consider three intriguing research projects that touch on security, data privacy, and cloud operations and what they portend for...

Hybrid cloud by the numbers, 2020: 10 stats to see

cloud automation
How are enterprises applying hybrid cloud strategy now? Let's take a look at the data

How American Express is tapping the benefits of hybrid cloud

hybrid cloud explained
Evan Kotsovinos oversees cloud strategy for Amex, which serves more than 100 million card members globally. In this interview,...

Edge computing for beginners: 11 key concepts

Edge computing trends 2021
Need to get up to speed on edge computing – or educate others in your organization? Check out these...



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