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CIO Research

Software: The true competitive differentiator
By The Enterprisers Project

Almost every company uses software these days, but what can we learn from companies using it to their best business advantage? In this Enterprisers Project virtual roundtable, we gathered five IT leaders from a range of industries to discuss new frontiers of software advantage, including how to build a software-centric culture, open new markets with software, and how to use open source as a development accelerator. Download the conversation to find out how these leading IT executives are evolving their organizations to be more software-centric.

The Internet of Things: Moving from vision to execution
By The Enterprisers Project

With Internet of Things expected to be a $1.7 trillion market in 2020, an “Internet of Everything” future seems inevitable, and it's creating both exciting opportunities and unknown security risks for enterprise IT. The Enterprisers Project asked a group of IT leaders to share their thoughts on moving from vision to execution while minimizing challenges along the way. Learn how leading organizations are identifying the right IoT opportunities while minimizing their security risks.

CIO Roundtable: Driving digital transformation
By The Enterprisers Project

A recent study from Harvard Business Review revealed that success in the digital age is linked to CIOs who bring a strategic and collaborative approach to connecting IT to the business.  The Enterprisers Project brought together a group of IT executives to discuss how they are staying in front as digital leaders and the best practices they are using to bring their organizations along.

Digital leadership pays off
By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

In order for organizations to compete and succeed in today's digital world, leaders across the business – not just those in IT – must prioritize their understanding of technology trends. CIOs have a powerful opportunity to educate and empower business leaders, and the payoff can be compelling – leading to stronger revenue growth and greater profit margins, according to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Learn why digital acumen is becoming an important differentiator. Download the full report: "Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for the CIO."

Taking the riskiness out of risk in IT
By The Enterprisers Project

CIOs know that risk-taking is a necessity for innovation, but risky behavior could also do harm to the business. The Enterprisers Project brought together a group of IT executives to discuss how to encourage and inspire smart risk taking, while still protecting the organization from good ideas going awry.

Should CIOs make a break with the past?
By The Enterprisers Project

A recent research report shows that many CIOs have made little progress among fellow executives in being perceived as drivers of the business, in part because their agenda is still linked to the CFO. This connection colors everything they do with a cost-cutting perception. Is it time for the CIO to cut this and other cords with the past?

Here's what three leading IT executives think.


Winning in the age of the mobile mindshift

By 2017, companies will spend as much as $189 billion a year to redesign business processes for the mobile mindshift, according to Forrester. Where are Enterprisers seeing the mobile mindshift at work, and how are they responding? The Enterprisers Project asked a group of leading IT professionals what they are doing to meet — and stay ahead of — customer expectations in their organizations.

Download the discussion to learn how these forward-thinking IT leaders are approaching the mobile mindshift.

Five lessons for taking your enterprise to the cloud
By Lee Congdon

If you continue to manage your own infrastructure without cloud technologies, especially if you're in a cost-restrained environment, you are likely putting your enterprise at a disadvantage, says Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon. In this article, Congdon shares five lessons to help you on your journey to the cloud.

Winning the IT talent war
By The Enterprisers Project

Finding and keeping top technical talent is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders today. It’s not enough to offer a competitive salary and solid benefits. These days, tech stars are shopping around for more.

The Enterprisers Project gathered three leading IT executives in a roundtable to share their personal strategies for recruiting and retaining top-tier technology workers.

Download the discussion to learn how they're fighting the IT talent war.

The CIO at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads
By The Enterprisers Project

CIOs and IT leaders have an opportunity to exert more strategic influence than ever before, but many find their time and focus being consumed by keeping the lights on.

The Enterprisers Project gathered seven leading IT executives in a roundtable to share practical advice for CIOs and other IT leaders who want to become business game changers.

Download the discussion for tangible takeaways you can begin implementing in your organization today.


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