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Cheat sheet: DevOps glossary

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DevOps continues to proliferate among organizations looking to add speed and flexibility to their software development process. As a leader, you’ll need to be able to discuss it with both technical and non-technical audiences.

IT talent strategy: New tactics for a new era

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

In the decade ahead, technology talent will play a pivotal role in whether companies succeed or fail.

Cheat sheet: AI glossary

The Enterprisers Project

Need to speak artificial intelligence? Check out our quick-scan AI primer on key artificial intelligence terms for IT and business leaders.

Cheat sheet: Kubernetes glossary

The Enterprisers Project

Need to speak Kubernetes? Check out our quick-scan glossary for IT and business leaders.

Cheat sheet: IT job interview tips

The Enterprisers Project

We interviewed experts at leading technology recruiting firms to find out specific ways you can stand out from the pack and make a good impression.

Their tips will prepare you for all stages of the interview process, including:

IT job searching in 2019: A practical guide

The Enterprisers Project

If you plan to search for a new job, download this guide to help you improve your resume, develop desirable soft skills, negotiate your salary, and much more. 

The ultimate DevOps hiring guide

The Enterprisers Project

Seeking a DevOps job? Hiring for a DevOps team? Get practical advice from your peers.

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