How iboss Network Security approaches innovation

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New rules for the CIO

Every company talks about being innovative as a strategic advantage. Paul Martini co-founder and CEO of iboss Network Security sees innovation as a way to solve problems for customers. He and his executive team guide their staff to concentrate on solving problems for customers and use innovative thinking as a way to arrive at their goals. Martini explains:

"iboss stems innovations from a problem-solution oriented approach. By looking at problems from the perspective of the customer, iboss is able to use that as a pivot point for creativity and innovation. More often than not, the needs of the industry appear very straight forward but the technical solution is an enormous technical challenge.

At iboss, we breed innovation at every aspect of the organization, from the top down. As each team member is in the trenches and part of solving an overall solution, they are the key at identifying and creating bright innovative ideas. The final product is the result of many talented individuals who have been taught to look at problems not from the specific technical challenge, but from the end result, which is what matters most. Innovation is valuable if it solves some of today’s most challenging problems, not purely for the innovation itself. It is this philosophy that is ingrained into every individual that makes iboss what it is today.

"The executive team provides the guidelines to keep the company on track and pushing the technology bar higher. Fundamentally, at the executive level we believe innovation is at the heart of the company and that is what sets us apart. Without pushing the boundaries of what can be technically accomplished and which problems can be solved, the technology available to customers will never change. We understand that fundamentally delivering the next generation of solutions is what brings the most reward to every member of the team. It is also what keeps our team members driven and emotionally satisfied."

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Scott Koegler practiced IT as a CIO for 15 years. He also has more than 20 years experience as a technology journalist covering topics ranging from software and services through business strategy.

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